By Ashley Peters



You want to go into your wedding day morning set up for success. While hairstylists are lovingly called “magical” with our ability to transform the hair from bed head to beautiful there are definitely certain things that make it easier on everyone. Not to mention guarantee a more optimal outcome. It will depend a bit on your hair type and potential hiccups that could arise which we want to prevent. 



In general your hair should be either clean or 1 day old. It must be dry unless you are receiving a blowout. This however should be discussed with your stylist beforehand in most cases. If you are reaching a blowout arrive with your hair damp and not sopping wet. We can always spritz it if need be. You don’t need to put any product in it because we’ll take care of that. 

Is your hair oily? Then you will want to wash it the morning of the wedding. Just make sure it is dry by the time you arrive for your styling. Why should those with oily hair have it clean? Oil weighs down the hair lessening the ability to create soft volume or for curls to hold. We can use dry shampoo and scalp products to absorb the oil but there is a max amount it can absorb. So if the hair is exceptionally oily you’ll never be able to achieve the same lite volume had it been clean. This is especially noticeable in fine and thin hair. 



Does your hair frizz?  There are a few methods depending on how much frizz. First recommendation would be to sleep with a satin pillowcase. It reduces the friction between your hair and the pillowcase in the night. Friction causes frizz so the less friction the less frizz. There is also the option of sleeping in a loose braid. This will contain your hair and limit the Amount of hair in contact ( and friction ) in the night. An example is this one from Aashii. Receive 10% off with code “thestylistabroad”. 



Does your hair frizz a lot? Do you want your wavy or curly hair to be smooth at the root? While we will use tools and products to mitigate the frizz and if requested the waves/curls at the root there are extra steps that can be taken to make sure the hair stays that way even in the most humid of climates. Along with all the above mentioned methods a blowout the day before can help.  The heat, product and most importantly tension causes a physical change in the hair which forces the cuticle to lay down. This would only be recommended for thick, dense hair that tends to be “wirey” but it’s more of a preference than necessary. 



With these basic preventatives that’s all you have to do. No need to worry about pre-styling or prepping with products. That’s for us, the stylists to do! There is a reason why we choose specific products and style things in a certain way so its not only easier and more relaxing for you to sit back without a worry but your stylist will appreciate it too. Of course there are always unique situations and unique hair or at the very least individuals who are concerned with an aspect about their hair or the process. For those situations it’s always safe to reach out to the stylist with questions or concerns prior to the wedding day. We are always happy to help and understand that this is often all new. There’s no dumb questions so ask away!





Ashley Peters is an American based hairstylist, author and business owner. While many of her brides are stateside she is available for destination weddings worldwide. Along with her hair services you can shop personally selected hair accessories, education and hair kits via her website’s shop. She is passionate about animal advocacy, connecting through travel, art and always learning something new. When her hands aren’t in hair  you’ll find her on a hiking trail, with a good book or off on a crazy adventure with her husband, pups and soy vanilla latte in hand. Read Ashley’s articles



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