By Ashley Peters


In the world of weddings so much (if not all) of the attention goes to the bride, but sometimes there’s a groom and their needs should be addressed too. In reality this upcoming guidance rings true for any with shorter hair that is “traditionally” male. I would like to provide some insight towards vegan hair products for those specifically with shorter hair regardless of male or female who likely will not be hiring a hair stylist for their big day.

I like to break down product choices by addressing specific needs so that instead of product A for style A it’s product A to solve problem A creating more of a technique and knowledge to be applied versus a color by number approach. This will give you not only a better understanding of your hair and products but it will allow your abilities and knowledge to adapt and evolve. As a side note all the products I recommend I see as being overall gender neutral in their scents and can truly be used by anyone of any gender or orientation. 

If you have fine texture hair you likely need lift and some control. Fine is not the same as thin. Thin is how many hairs per square inch whereas fine is how thick each hair is. Fine hair typically feels soft and airy but struggles with becoming limp. To combat the limpness I advise a dry shampoo or texture spray. Powdered dry shampoo at the root can help add lift to limp hair and texture spray will allow the remaining shaft of the hair to gain lift and movement as well. For dry shampoo I personally recommend Skyline from R + Co. Out of all the texture sprays out there my personal favorite is Texture Aiir from Aiir Professional . Sometimes hair in general, especially fine hair needs hairspray to keep it perfectly quaffed. I know some guys may cringe at the thought of hairspray but fear not because Unite has created a hairspray that’s a bit more macho than most packaging you see out there through their line GO 247. Check out their Control Spray.

For medium to course textured hair that needs some control I suggest looking into a paste. Pastes and waxes can be exceptionally challenging as a vegan since so often they contain beeswax. Well fortunately companies are taking notice and delivering what we’re asking for. If you want something that has a bit of a shine to it look into Continental but if you prefer a matte finish check out Control. Both are from R+Co (a 100% vegan and cruelty free company). With either product you’ll start with about the size of a pea and rub between your hands then run your hands through your hair. You can always add more product but it’s better to start small. 

What if someone’s hair frizzes ? Especially common amongst curlier hair and hair that’s a bit longer. The pastes can help but if someone’s hair is prone to frizz I suggest to put a hydrating cream that has an anti-humectant barrier on first. This is not only help to take care of the current frizz but it will also prevent it from arriving later. High Dive from R+Co is great for reducing general frizz. If you have truly curly hair and either let it air dry or diffuse it then I suggest looking into Ouidad. A line specifically designed for curly hair. My favorite is their Advanced Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel. After you put on the gel, let it fully dry (via air or diffuser) without touching it a lot and then remember to break the cast for natural bounce. 

Everyone should have fantastic hair, especially for the special moment regardless of their gender, orientation or hair length. Hopefully this can help some lost hairstyling soul find their way to better, easier hair while staying vegan. Wandering about your specific needs? Reach out and let’s find the right concoction for you. 







Ashley Peters is an American based hairstylist, author and business owner. While many of her brides are stateside she is available for destination weddings worldwide. She is passionate about animal advocacy, connecting through travel, art and always learning something new. When her hands aren’t in hair  you’ll find her on a hiking trail, with a good book or off on a crazy adventure with her husband, pups and soy vanilla latte in hand. Read Ashley’s articles





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