By Kim Higgins



As a travel bridal makeup artist, I’m constantly trying to find the perfect bridal color, the best ingredients, and lipsticks that aren’t full of toxicity.  Sadly, many vegan brands are using beeswax even though it’s not a vegan product. Beeswax is often used in lip balms because of its antibacterial and antioxidants. An alternative would be Vaseline.

Even brands that advertise as selling vegan products, and “safe synthetic” dyes, use dyes that are banned in most other countries. These synthetic dyes are manufactured from natural products such as insects, flowers, roots, minerals, wood, and mollusks. Specifically, red 3 has been shown to induce cancer. Be aware of words listed as “carmine” and “cochineal” as they are colors obtained from a bright red insect.

Recently, there has been a movement in the beauty industry. Consumers want clean vegan beauty products. More mainstream brands are taking this to heart, creating products that are cleaner, healthier, and vegan. I’m so happy to share with you some of my favorites!

I was first attracted to Winky Lux because of their unique packaging and shape of their product. The lipstick features a real chrysanthemum inside. Glide this clear colored vegan lip balm over your lips, and watch as it reacts to your natural PH levels, magically changing into the perfect custom shade.

Bambu Earth Skincare does a phenomenal job informing consumers of their products- from using real ethically traded ingredients, sourced sustainably and made in the United States. They walk you through step by step how to apply the product, what skin type it’s best for, and even include how-to videos. The helichrysum lip sugar combines only four ingredients, including organic pressed sunflower oil, and makes for an incredible lip scrub all year round.

Jane Iredale is known for their skincare makeup. The Lipdrink lip balm is wheat-free, vegan, and has SPF 15. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends this product for daily use. It helps to moisturize and protect your lips throughout the day. Try their two new colors “Giddy” and “Pout”.

I was at a marketing meeting and Mizzi Cosmetics was a brand recommended to Eye For Beauty LLC. I always like to do my research, but equally love supporting local businesses. The Whipped Lip Masque gently removes dry skin and gives lips a boost with Vitamin C. This can be worn for 5 minutes and wiped clean with the LipLuxe treatment pad. I love using facial pads because it’s like an at-home facial and feels luxurious.

Always on the hunt for that perfect French girl red lip! Ilia Beauty makes a cruelty-free Tinted Lip Conditioner in Arabian Knights that is a cult classic. This product is definitely buildable, perfect for the bride who wants a sheer coat and those that prefer a bolder style. Be sure to check out these brands that invest in clean, vegan products and are educating consumers on making better choices.







Kimberleigh is the owner of Eye For Beauty LLC, specializing in travel makeup + hair services for brides who love non-traditional elements, adventurous vibes, and authenticity- those that don’t want to cover freckles, and want to embrace who they are- wherever their love takes them!  Located in Connecticut, Kim travels all over the country striving to be affordably adventurous!  Kim went on two road trips a year growing up and enjoys the journey getting to the destination just as much as being there. When she’s not working, she loves cooking with her family, writing, sipping tea and being in nature. Read Kim’s articles

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