By Kim Higgins



The first half of 2020 had couples wondering if their wedding was ever going to happen, and we’re here to say YES! We’re seeing an increased number of fall elopements and micro-weddings happening. As the leaves change color and the chill is in the air, so does your makeup and skincare routine.

To take the day off, try True Botanicals Nourishing Cleanserbest suited for oily or combination skin types. This product really targets congestion and acne. Many are suffering from mask-ne, and this product will help to balance the skin. Wash your face immediately upon getting home from wearing your mask all day. Don’t skip the toner- an often overlooked skincare product that is one of the most important steps in any regimen. Indie Lee’s cruelty free Meditation Facial Mist calms while leaving the skin radiant.  

As the weather becomes colder, choose a rich vegan moisturizer like Drunk Elephant’s Lala Retro Whipped CreamThe fermented green tea helps reduce the signs of aging, while deeply hydrating the skin. Apply twice a day.

The days of harsh contour and a streak of blush color are long behind us. In true European-style, skincare takes priority with makeup enhancing ones natural beauty. Perfectly blended flushed cheeks are in for fall. The look is effortless and completely natural. Cruelty-free favorite Glossier’s Cloud Paint gives brides a soft flushed glow.

It’s important to find a lip color that stays put all day long- especially when the mask is removed; a melted smudged look is the last thing brides want on their big day. Opt for a mauve or dusty rose for a more subdued look, like Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez’s Lip Soufflé in Courage. For a hydrating semi-matte vegan lipstick, try Victoria Beckham’s Bitten Lip Tint in bisou.

Beachside days are numbered, yet many want to prolong their glowing tan. Those with a fair complexion can feel confident using Isle of Paradise Ultra Dark Self Tanning Mousse packed with natural tanning actives like chia seeds and avocado. In 1-4 hours brides can be up to 6 shades darker. Pair with the St. Tropez Duel Sided Luxe Applicator Mit for such a luxurious smooth application.

If you’re a beauty lover, you’ll love a few of these eye shadow palettes with all the fall vibes. For a smokey eye, choose Morphe 9W Smoke & Shadow Artistry Palette, which includes gunmetal grays and smoldering shades. No more creasing lids, with Wander Beauty Wanderess Eyeshadow Palette, the shadows nourish the eyelid while offering copper and cranberry colors.

The fall is a great time to toss out old makeup and skincare products and replace with the products you reach for most often. Remember to clean your makeup brushes and beauty sponges often. Hold the bristles downward in the water when cleaning. Cinema Secrets Brush & Sponge Cleansing Shampoo is affordable and protects the integrity of your brushes.








Kimberleigh is the owner of Eye For Beauty LLC, specializing in travel makeup + hair services for brides who love non-traditional elements, adventurous vibes, and authenticity- those that don’t want to cover freckles, and want to embrace who they are- wherever their love takes them!  Located in Connecticut, Kim travels all over the country striving to be affordably adventurous!  Kim went on two road trips a year growing up and enjoys the journey getting to the destination just as much as being there. When she’s not working, she loves cooking with her family, writing, sipping tea and being in nature. Read Kim’s articles

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