By Kim Higgins


With the warmest months behind us, it’s time to start a new skincare routine. Brides will come to me this time of year worrying about their skin breaking out and changing due to the weather. It can be unsettling with their wedding weeks away and not knowing what products to use. They may wonder if it is from all the stress wedding planning. More than likely, a simple change in skin care routine is the solution. The first step is knowing your skin. When brides sit in my chair, we discuss allergies, sensitivities and your skin type before we get into the fun of playing with makeup! To figure out your skin type at home, SoKo Glam offers a skin type quiz, and after all, who doesn’t love taking online quizzes?

Ever wash your face and feel like you only got half the products off? Your waterproof mascara is streaking and your brow gel hasn’t budged. I’m always letting brides know that to fully clean your face, you need an oil based and a water based cleanser. This will lessen the chance of pores getting clogged and you’ll reap the benefits of your skincare products. Eye For Beauty suggests swapping out light moisturizers for something richer and creamier like Klairs Rich Moist Smoothing Creamwhich is free of dyes, fragrances and animal-based components. If brides are prone to sensitivities or dryness this moisturizer is for you! During the winter months, I switch up my 10-step skincare routine and include this as my last step.

For an all-over body indulgence, Human + Kind makes a slightly apricot scented vegan and cruelty-free body soufflè. The best time to put on any moisturizer is right after showering, when pores are open, and the skin will stay hydrated. Your wedding is around the corner; it’s a great time to take care of yourself! Treating your body right by using gentle products that won’t aggravate the skin.

For a flawless makeup application during the big day, it all starts with a clean foundation (the skin). Drinking hot water with lemon improves skin quality and keeps you looking your best. While I love tea, it can leave skin feeling dehydrated. Adding fresh cut lemons into hot water will be refreshing and healthy. These simple changes can be incorporated easily into your everyday routine and make the transition to fall enjoyable. 








Kimberleigh is the owner of Eye For Beauty LLC, specializing in travel makeup + hair services for brides who love non-traditional elements, adventurous vibes, and authenticity- those that don’t want to cover freckles, and want to embrace who they are- wherever their love takes them!  Located in Connecticut, Kim travels all over the country striving to be affordably adventurous!  Kim went on two road trips a year growing up and enjoys the journey getting to the destination just as much as being there. When she’s not working, she loves cooking with her family, writing, sipping tea and being in nature.

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