By Ashley Peters



We all know how daunting reading the ingredient labels on the back of items at the grocery store can be and yet somehow beauty products are even more overwhelming. It’s probably due to all the chemical compound terminology since of course it can’t just be straight forward. If only there was a cheat sheet. Well there is… kinda.


I’ve created an infographic to provide as a guide of some of the most common non-vegan ingredients that can be found in beauty products as well as some of the plant based alternatives. Now this list is a good start but I’m sure there are other obscure ingredients in existence. So in general if there is an ingredient that you’re not sure about use your search engines. A simple “what is x?” will yield the answers you’re looking for.


Now, I don’t know about you but honestly sometimes I get tired of reading labels and scanning for obscure ingredients. Many times I find brands and products I love and know are safe. They become my tried and true go to’s. Then when I’m wanting to branch out or experiment  I can again turn to the search engines and simply look up “Is x brand vegan?”. Some brands are not entirely vegan but some of their products are and this will show in the results.  Beyond just a simple search fortunately there are databases out there where so much of the work has already been done for us. These are great resources especially if you’d like to use trusted brands but don’t have the personal explorative experience yet. Some of my favorite databases are:

Finally, the other very easy resources out there are the logos and apps. Look out for the “cruelty free”, “leaping bunny” and “vegan” or “certified vegan” logo on the bottle. There are apps to make this all significantly easier, (often created by the people behind the logos). A good list of useful apps can be found here :

If this is a new endeavor I promise it’s not as intense as it may seem. Just like every other aspect of veganism it all starts with little steps and practice. Now if you’re wondering why all of this matters in my humble opinion beauty begins with kindness. So if you really want to live your best, most beautiful life it better be filled compassionate products. The vegan options work just as well ( if not better) than the animal based products and it’s completely guilt free. 

Questions? Reach out and I’m happy to help narrow your results to provide the best solution for your needs. 







Ashley Peters is an American based hairstylist, author and business owner. While many of her brides are stateside she is available for destination weddings worldwide. She is passionate about animal advocacy, connecting through travel, art and always learning something new. When her hands aren’t in hair  you’ll find her on a hiking trail, with a good book or off on a crazy adventure with her husband, pups and soy vanilla latte in hand. Read Ashley’s articles



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