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Loba Design Co. I’m Ashlyn, a girl who’s passionate about creating beautiful moments that last a lifetime. I believe there’s something magical about gathering loved ones together to celebrate the milestones in our lives. My love for parties began at a young age, my fifth birthday to be exact. I remember even the smallest details of that day. A princess themed party- my dad crafted a castle out of large cardboard boxes, a cake to look like a castle (that even had a drawbridge on it), and the dress. Head to toe in sequins and gold I twirled, played and fully lived in the world that only imaginations can create. Though I have (potentially) outgrown the princess-themed soirees, I’ll never grow too old for cherishing such special memories.




Live Kindly Events is where love and nature connect. Every event is created with a conscious mind towards the animals, planet and others. We specialize on creating full vegan, sustainable and Eco-friendly events. From parties, weddings, grand openings, retreats, corporate events and anything in between. Our company is base in Fort  Lauderdale, Florida. We serve the areas of Broward County, Miami Dade and West Palm Beach. We are currently growing our network and expanding our services to be able to provide full vegan events in other areas of South Florida, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico and Guatemala.




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