By Courtney Roberts


Is there any place more fitting for a honeymoon than the city of love? Paris is perhaps the most romantic city in the world, and is also known for its superb food. There is no need to miss out on all of the amazing cuisine the Paris has to offer, because vegan options abound here. 



Hank Vegan Burger (Hank standing for “Have a Nice Karma”, in reference to their commitment to serving 100% vegan food) is a fast food restaurant serving up delicious burgers in the Marais neighborhood. Try the Sergeant Pepper, topped with pepper sauce and pickled red onions, and choose from sides of potato wedges and coleslaw salad. For dessert, they offer carrot cakes and cookies, as well as a dessert of the day. Better yet, get it to-go, and enjoy a night in!

Cheese is a beloved staple of the French diet, and you can indulge at Jay&Joy, an all-vegan fromagerie. Watch the cheese being made, and have some samples to try before you buy. 

42 Degrés is France’s first raw vegan restaurant, located in the 9th arrondissement. This restaurant serves dishes such as eggplant caviar, raw pastas, and various types of cheeses that they call “frawmage”. Before you go, make sure you have cash on hand, because this restaurant doesn’t accept credit cards.

Le Potager de Charlotte has two locations and offers gourmet vegan cuisine that is as beautiful as it is delicious. You’ll want to take pictures before diving into these dishes. Note that they are only open four days a week, and they serve special brunch items on Sundays, including buckwheat and rice pancakes and an avocado “hard boiled egg style”. 

Images from La Potager dish selections


Lotus & Cactus is a legendary vegan cantina, tapas and wine bar. Open Tuesday through Saturday, serving fresh and 100% organic foods, this is the only vegan cantina in Paris and should not be skipped.

If you’re looking for healthy options, Wild & The Moon is your go-to, serving cold-pressed juices, nut milks, smoothies, salads, soups, and desserts. The more interesting items on the menu include pink flamingo granola, spirulina popcorn, and a charcoal latte.

A trip to Paris would not be complete without indulging in French baked goods. Vegan Folie’s has you covered! You can find everything from cupcakes and cheesecakes to cookies and ice cream. Unique cake flavors include orange blossom, rose, and almond. VG Pâtisserie is another excellent option for pastries, and bonus— they are committed to zero waste, and offer a discount to any customers who bring their own reusable containers!

Vegan Folie’s Chocolate Cake



Chambres de la Grande Porte is a vegetarian bed-and-breakfast that is central to many tourist attractions. They offer vegan breakfast options, as well as a vegan dinner for 15 euros. Be aware that only one of the rooms has a private bathroom, while the others share a bathroom. There is also a shared kitchen for your use. 

If you’re searching for budget-friendly accommodations or hoping to unplug for a while, stay at the Solar Hotel. As the name suggests, the hotel has many eco-friendly features, including solar panels. They clean with only certified organic products, collect rainwater for the plants, and offer free bicycles to guests. Wifi is not available in the rooms, but is available in the common areas. If you can’t bear to part with your furry friends while you’re on your honeymoon, look no further, because this hotel is pet friendly!

The Shangri-La Hotel is a former palace turned 5-star hotel. They serve a vegan afternoon tea, but be sure to pre-book and specify that you are vegan. Stay in one of the rooms with a view of the Eiffel Tower, and you may never want to leave the hotel!

Shangri-La Terrace



Among many other things, Paris is a world capital for fashion, and no animal cruelty is necessary. At Manifeste011, you can shop for high-quality clothing while resting easy in the knowledge that everything there is vegan!

For a bit of pampering, head to the eco-friendly salon What the Flower, which offers 100% vegetable-based hair color, shampoos, and styling products. The salon also gives plant-based hair care workshops, so you can bring your newfound knowledge back home with you!

Paris Yoga Shala is a yoga studio located steps away from the famous Champs-Élysées, and classes are held under a glass ceiling that allows students to look up at the sky. Many classes are offered daily and cover all of the main styles of practice, allowing you to relax and avoid overwhelm in this city where there is so much to do!

If you’re inclined towards art, then stroll hand-in-hand with your loved one through the many halls of the Louvre, taking in some of the greatest works of art on the planet. The architecture of the museum alone is worth the visit. 

Le Louvre


For a day trip, venture a short way outside of Paris to the Palace of Versailles. The chateau is awe-inspiring, but the most amazing part is definitely the natural splendor of the garden there. The garden is breathtaking as it is, but for that extra pizzazz, rent a rowing boat on the Grand Canal. What could be more romantic? 

The climax of your stay in Paris will undoubtedly be your visit to the Eiffel Tower. Wait until nightfall, and climb up to the top of the tower for the most beautiful view of this city. At the top of each hour, 20,000 lights illuminate the tower. Snuggle up with your sweetheart and cherish this moment in the most romantic city in the world.






Courtney Roberts is a wedding videographer based in Southern California. Filming weddings is truly her dream job, because it combines her interest in storytelling with her passion for couples who are madly in love. She believes that empathy and connection are the basis of a meaningful life, and that veganism is an important part of that.

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