By Courtney Roberts


Bali is a paradise for any traveller, but especially so for the vegan traveller! An abundance of plant-based foods and the romantic settings of the beach and the jungle make this Indonesian island the perfect place for a honeymoon that is kind to the animals and to the planet.


Where to Stay

Floating Leaf Eco-Luxury Retreat is your haven by the beach. Located in the southeast of Bali, Floating Leaf features a large, open-air yoga studio that plays host to many different types of retreats, all aimed at increasing mindfulness and personal happiness. For date night, head to one of the two full-service spas offering traditional Indonesian herbal steam therapy and many other exotic treatments, then finish the evening with a rooftop meal prepared by a private chef. Though the hub of vegan activities lies farther to the north in Ubud, staying at this resort allows you easy access to beaches such as Pantai Purnama and Pantai Saba, as well as a short trip to Bali’s capital city of Depansar.

Bambuh Indah is an amazing eco-friendly resort on the outskirts of Ubud, the central hub of Bali. The structures are built from sustainable bamboo, and features a swimming pool that is completely chemical-free, a spa offering Balinese massages, and complimentary yoga classes every day at 7 a.m. The resort’s restaurant serves breakfast, soups, salads, and desserts that are suitable for vegans, as well as produce that is grown on site, right outside your windows!


Where to Eat

Anywhere you go in Bali, you are sure to find amazing vegan food options, since Indonesian cuisine uses plenty of tempeh, tofu, rice, noodles, and vegetables. But for restaurants dedicated to serving only vegan food, you’ll want to stay in Ubud. Here are some of the best spots:

Alchemy is the only completely raw vegan restaurant on the island, as well as being 100% organic. Their menu includes sushi, pizza, pasta, and burgers, as well as ten different kinds of raw chocolate truffles to choose from!

You will find a mostly-raw, mostly gluten-free dining experience at Sayuri Healing Foods. Here you’ll find all-day breakfast, and creative lunch and dinner bowls ranging from jackfruit pulled pork to Mexican lasagna. The best part? They deliver.

Earth Cafe Ubud serves interesting and healthy options, such buckwheat pancakes served with raisin spice and coconut syrup, raw chocolate mud cake made with avocado, and a seitan burger topped with sauerkraut and cashew mayo.

Zest Ubud is “powered by plants, made for people”. From pancakes and smoothie bowls, to pizzas and wraps, Zest has you covered from breakfast to dinner. For dessert, try their cheezecake with dragon fruit coulis, or a brownie in a mug. Yum!

Moksa is a vegan restaurant that sources fresh produce from their very own permaculture garden. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and their unique items include jackfruit tacos, “cheese” plates, tempeh ribs, as well as many raw pizzas and pastas. There is also a dojo, where visitors can take yoga or cooking classes!


Things to Do

Campuhan Ridge Walk is at the top of the list of walks you must take in Bali. It offers the most beautiful views of the jungle. Go early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the weather is not too hot, and set aside about two hours to take the walk at a leisurely pace.

Goa Gajah, or “Elephant Cave” is an archaeological site dating back to the 9th century, that once served as a sanctuary for hermetic meditation and prayer. Despite the name, there are no elephants to be found here (elephants are not native to Bali). It is however full of rock-wall carvings, a meditation cave, and bathing pools and fountains. This historical site is not to be missed!

A short drive from Ubud, the Sangeh Monkey Forest is a sanctuary for grey macaques, who live amongst giant nutmeg trees and centuries-old temples. The forest is regarded as a sacred site, and the monkeys are cared for by the local community. They are known for being quite friendly and will even climb onto your shoulders!


Unwind and Relax

The Yoga Barn is your one-stop shop for relaxation in Ubud. Nestled along a peaceful river, the studio offers Kundalini, Vinyasa and Yin styles of yoga (just to name a few), as well as classes in shamanic breath-work and Tibetan bowl meditation. However, you will find much more than just yoga here— there is also an Ayurvedic spa offering various treatments and massages based on the ancient principles of Ayurveda, as well as a cafe serving a variety of healthy menu items, such as freshly pressed juices, coconuts, popsicles, coffee, and chai.

Bali is a serene utopia in natural surroundings, with plenty of food and activities suited for vegans. This island is the perfect cruelty-free honeymoon destination!




Courtney Roberts is a wedding videographer based in Southern California. Filming weddings is truly her dream job, because it combines her interest in storytelling with her passion for couples who are madly in love. She believes that empathy and connection are the basis of a meaningful life, and that veganism is an important part of that.

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