By Courtney Roberts


Cape Town is the secret vegan haven of the African continent. Its natural beauty combined with a smorgasbord of vegan food options make it an ideal destination for your plant-based honeymoon.



The Chartfield Guesthouse is your dream accommodation in Kalk Bay. This hotel offers a minimalist aesthetic and gorgeous ocean views. They are known for their breakfast, and vegan options include bread and jam, muesli, soy yogurt, and fruit salad, as well as fresh-squeezed juice, tea, and coffee.

Cape Town offers more unique experiences that include their own accommodations as you’ll find out reading along…



Indulge in vegan junk food at Lekker Vegan. A popular dish that is unique to Cape Town is the “Gatsby”, which is essentially a sub sandwich with french fries inside of it. Lekker Vegan has you covered, with a full range of Gatsby’s to choose from, as well as burgers, fries, and soft-serve ice cream.

Scheckter’s Raw is your go-to spot for a healthy meal. Their offerings include delicious breakfast options such as matcha flapjacks and vegan scrambled eggs, in addition to their sandwiches, smoothies, and cold pressed juices.

Raw and Roxy is another raw vegan restaurant, located in the trendy neighborhood of Woodstock. Popular menu items include lasagna, pizza, and sushi. This restaurant also offers cooking classes every Monday and Thursday, which make for a perfect date idea!

Plant Cafe serves a wide range of plant-based foods that are free of preservatives. They make their own mayo, cheeses, and tempeh bacon from scratch. Try their all-day breakfast options such as the “plant benedict”, or opt for one of their bowls, quesadillas, burgers, or hot dogs!


To satisfy your sweet tooth, Rumsy’s Noose provides a delicious array of homemade vegan donuts. Their menu is always changing, but some classic favorites are cookies and cream, and peanut butter with chocolate and pretzels. Be aware that you will have to place an order in advance to get a hold of these sweet confections.

Unframed is an artisan ice cream shop that keeps at least 3 vegan flavors at all times. The vegan options are nut-based, and they offer superfood toppings such as blue spirulina or raw white mulberries. The flavors change as inspiration strikes founder Yann Rey, but past flavors have included interesting combinations such as burnt white chocolate and lime.



Generous Earth is a gastronomic tour of the Cape’s wine region that includes visits to a vegan vineyard, an olive grove, and a three-course lunch at a farmhouse restaurant. This experience lasts for about eight and a half hours and includes a bit of walking, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes!

Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve is one of the most romantic destinations in the Western Cape. The sandstone rock formations are a sight at golden hour, but the true magic of this place is seen after dark. Bring a blanket to lay out and enjoy some incredible stargazing with your sweetheart. Accommodations are available near Kagga Kamma, the most unique of which is the Star Suite, a room without a ceiling that allows you to see the night sky as well as an amazing view of sunrise and sunset.

Venture to the town of Franschhoek to visit Farm Sanctuary SA. This is the home of Pigcasso, a pig who has been featured on Saturday Night Live, CNN and BBC for her artistic talents. Pigcasso paints by holding a brush in her mouth, and her works sell for $1600 USD on average. You can see Pigcasso in action here. Visitors are welcome at Farm Sanctuary SA every day from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. You can also stay in the loft apartment that is located above the animals’ stalls! All of the proceeds from your stay go towards supporting the sanctuary’s mission of compassion.

For the adventurous couple, Cape Canopy is a 4-hour ziplining tour of the Hottentot Holland Mountains. The scenery is especially spectacular in winter, when snow covers the mountains.

Cape Point is the destination to escape the city for quiet time in nature. For those seeking to take a weekend hiking trip, booking a spot on the Cape of Good Hope hiking trail will allow you to beat the crowds and see the remains of shipwrecks along the coast or climb to the top of a lighthouse. Cape Point is also amazing for spotting wildlife, such as ostriches and baboons, in addition to whale watching!

Boulder Beach is one of Cape Town’s most well-known tourist attractions. This is the only place in the world where you can get up close and personal with African penguins in their natural habitat. As this beach is located in a protected area, you’ll need to pay a conservation fee of 65 South African Rands (about 5 U.S. Dollars).

Chapman’s Peak Drive is referred to as “one of the world’s most scenic drives”, and for good reason. The winding road along the southern coast of Africa reveals views of the cliffs and ocean that are truly breathtaking. This is one drive that you must put on your bucket list!



Located in the artsy suburb of Woodstock, AIR Yoga offers Jivamukti yoga, Vinyasa Flow, and Ashtanga Mysore style for all levels of experience. The founders of this studio, Sharon Gannon and David Life, have been Vanguard members of PETA since it began.

For a spa treatment, head over to The Little Green Box Skincare. They are committed to using products from businesses that are local to South Africa, and their line of Esse facials are organic, vegan, and cruelty-free. Esse is also a carbon-neutral company that supports fair trade.

As you can see, Cape Town has a lot to offer the vegan traveler. Its unparalleled beauty, variety of plant-based foods, and unique experiences combine to make it the perfect setting for your compassionate honeymoon.






Courtney Roberts is a wedding videographer based in Southern California. Filming weddings is truly her dream job, because it combines her interest in storytelling with her passion for couples who are madly in love. She believes that empathy and connection are the basis of a meaningful life, and that veganism is an important part of that. Read Courtney’s articles



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