At The Kind Bride, we are the happiest when we can share real vegan wedding stories. This week, for the first time, you’ll read it from the bride’s own words. I am so grateful to this brave young woman, Brandy from Seattle, for sharing her journey of life and her Vegan Happily Ever After. A true statement of how love can overcome all difficulties. Here’s Brandy’s story in her own words…

Please note, the narrative contains content about abuse which may be disconcerting for certain readers.

“I unexpectedly met my Prince Charming when I was 16 years old. Before I met my Prince I was actually in the Psychiatric Care Center due to an overdose… I was a young girl who struggled with life. Losing a dad at 7 years old, moving away, teachers and friends bullying me, dealing with a terrible man who was my mom’s boyfriend at the time (no longer in our lives), and being sexually assaulted by 2 different males. It was a very difficult time for me so that is how I ended up in the hospital. Now after I was discharged I felt unloved, confused, lost, with no light in my life.

Then one day I was invited to a Strangers 16th Birthday Party as a plus one to my very good friend, I was hesitant to go after everything that had happened but I decided to go and that’s where I met the man of my dreams. After the party, a couple of days later, we talked all night and laughed, and we went on our first date to Enatai Beach on July 31st 2011.  From that day on everything changed.  He lit up my world like no other, he was my light and my savior, my Prince Charming. Fast forward to 7 years and the man of my dreams proposed to me in front of the Mickey’s water fountain in ToonTown with a little help of his niece and nephew which we raised for 4 years due to a family crisis. We love them like our own babies.

This fountain has a lot of meaning to me… it is where we last took a picture as a family with my dad. My dad was the reason for my crazy love for Disney so this was a very sentimental moment for me. A couple of months later we got married on our 7th Anniversary on July 31st, 2018. Also I have to give a HUGE shout out to my hubby for being the most kind, thoughtful, and romantic person ever… he knew how much my father’s last name meant to me and I was torn between changing my last name to my husband’s but he surprised me and changed his last name to Jun to honor my dad. I’m sorry ladies but if you don’t think that’s romantic then I don’t know what is!!

Haha, so I truly got my Vegan Happily Ever After with my vegan Prince. My hubby and I became vegan a year and a half ago! It was all thanks to my mommy who has the BiGGEST heart ever, especially for animals. She inspired us to go vegan and we are both naturally BIG TIME animal lovers so we connected right away! I was vegetarian for 10+ years prior to becoming vegan.

Now, planning a vegan wedding can be tricky! But I LOVE planning and throwing parties, it’s honestly one of my specialty! And the best part is I always try to stay budget friendly! We hired a local photographer who is an amateur, but we love supporting local young business. And he did a pretty good job for someone who isn’t in Pro status!

I ordered my dress online from a site called Showpo. It was my first time ordering! What’s great about this store is that they carry ALL sizes petite and Plus size! The quality is amazing and the dress is absolutely gorgeous! I chose this light pink floral dress as it matched with our garden theme. As for shoes to be honest I wanted to keep it super simple and I bought white strappy mid chunky block heel from Dream Pairs on Amazon. I wanted to walk comfortably and stand all night long!

For accessories I wore my Alex and Ani Disney bracelets, one of them being just engaged and the other being my hubby’s Mickey birthstone! I also wore my mini dainty cross diamond necklace gifted from my grandmother from a long time ago. I styled my own hair and simply curled it, nothing too fancy!

We chose the rooftop lounge of our first apartment together as our wedding ‘venue’, where we currently live in! For the catering we chose some good old Asian vegan food by Loving Hut, the buffet style was a great way to show our guests how good vegan food can be! And that we aren’t missing out! Our guests were shocked and loved the food we were getting compliments about the buffet all night!

For our wedding cake we chose a 2 tier cake by Honey Crumb Cake Studio. The top tier was a vegan red velvet and bottom tier a vanilla Matcha cream. These local baker specializes in wedding cakes and she happened to have quite a few vegan and gluten-free options! She did an amazing job and the cake was AMAZING and absolutely GORGEOUS… it was a big hit!

We added small desserts, ordering custom mini cupcakes from our local grocery store called PCC. It was affordable, tasty and cute! To dress it up a bit I ordered pink and white pearl sugar beads to make it a little more fancy!

For party favors my mom and I made a mini chocolate tin box with a ribbon wrapped around the tin box. We used  our vegan chocolate from a local chocolate boutique store called Fran’s Chocolate. It was dainty, simple and cute!

To decorate our terrace we bought 2 dozen of roses at Costco to add some color and charm and I used Etsy and Amazon to purchase eco-friendly biodegradable plates, napkins, cups, straws and utensils.

My biggest tip for wedding planning is to have fun! And get creative! I hope this is helpful and thank you so much for reading my Vegan Happily Every After Story and stay tuned for reading all about our Vegan Disneymoon!”


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