By Daniela Degrassi


I am delighted to share the first real vegan wedding on The Kind Bride!

This is the story of  Kathleen Kastner and Wade Mortenson who were married in Brentwood, California on April 5th 2008.

Kathleen Wade Vegan Wedding 10

They met in an Ashtanga Yoga class in Santa Monica and were married six months later!
Kathleen has been vegan since 2002 and  is originally from Kansas, a beef state. Wade has been vegan since 2007 and is from Wisconsin, the cheese state.
Their mid-west families and friends enjoyed the vegan food catered by Real Food Daily in Santa Monica. Real Food Daily is a Southern California’s premier organic plant-based restaurant, serving quality, authentic, creative and nutritionally balanced menu.
At Kathleen and Wade’s wedding, they served a sit down lunch consisting of vegetable lasagna, salad and bread.
The delicious cake also catered by Real Food Daily, was called “The Hawaiian” and featured layers of buckwheat flour cake with fried coconut and pineapple between the layers, topped with vegan butter cream frosting… insane!
The vegan couple now live in Encinitas, CA and host a YouTube cooking show called “Vegan Vitality

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