By Ashley Peters



Love can be found anywhere but oh so often it appears when we least expect it; as it did for this pair when they met at university. While many would travel great distances to simply see Croatia, Josipa and Marin have lived amongst its history. There couldn’t be a more beautiful location to emulate their love than walking through the ancient palace grounds in Split as if to testify the timelessness of their romance.

Time stands still as we are privilege to witness a young couple celebrating their love on the Adriatic. It’s as if we’re not even present as they simply embrace one another. Delicately dancing through the streets with lace caught in the breeze. Everything is sun-kissed and soft. There is a raw, romantic nature about it all that is enhanced through the boho braid, flower crown and Josipa’s barefoot jeweled vegan sandals as if mimicking the peaks of botanicals along the stone palace walls and glints of gems throughout the city. Her vegan friendly dress is up-cycled from a thrift store and seasonal flowers from a local market. In a word their love is effortless. Nothing is forced, posed or rigid and nor is their day which is perhaps the most enchanting part of it all. It may have been only a day but the memories will last forever with a glimpse of a genuine, playful, and whimsical love this couple shares. Love transcends language, bridges any distance and spans any time.


Hair & Makeup: The Stylist Abroad

Flower Crown: Welcoming Grace

Shoes: Barefoot Sandals and Lace by MCC

Invitations by Lizzy Powers Designs

Photographer: Ivica Matić

Couple: Josipa Tokić and Marin Jukić





Ashley Peters is an American based hairstylist, author and business owner. While many of her brides are stateside she is available for destination weddings worldwide. She is passionate about animal advocacy, connecting through travel, art and always learning something new. When her hands aren’t in hair  you’ll find her on a hiking trail, with a good book or off on a crazy adventure with her husband, pups and soy vanilla latte in hand. Read Ashley’s articles



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