By Kim Higgins


Hi Kind Brides! I’m Kimberleigh, owner of Eye For Beauty LLC, specializing in travel hair styling + makeup applications for adventurous brides that value authenticity and a natural lifestyle. I want you to feel most like yourself on your big day. With the help of my husband, we designed a simple way where Eye For Beauty can offer beauty services before sunrise and on top of mountains! We strive to be affordably adventurous.

Growing up I went on two road trips a year and found myself drawn to the red rocks and snow-capped mountains. Being on the road felt incredibly freeing and I knew one day I’d intergrade my love for traveling with an artistic career. I am genuinely grateful to be writing for The Kind Bride. My goal is to always be a positive person who offers advice on anything wedding and beauty related.

My background in beauty started when I was working on TV sets in New York, and for three beauty companies around the country. When I had my daughter, those long hours didn’t work for my family, and I slowly transitioned into bridal work. Something was missing though. I wanted to offer brides something more, something different. It wasn’t until my elopement in Utah, where The Hearnes helped us plan one pretty epic adventure, that sparked my desire to blend my love for travel with my passion for bridal beauty services.

My daughter developed an uncommon anaphylactic allergy to red dye several years ago. I became acutely aware of the lack of information consumers have on what they consume, clean their houses with, and wash their bodies with. I would contact manufacturers, hearing back from very few. The specific red dye she is allergic to is the extract from an African Beetle – this vary dye is banned in most countries except in the United States. Our home has become dye-free, we have a joy of cooking healthy meals together, frequent local farms and support organic and vegan businesses. I can’t wait to share with you my love for earthy, whimsical, cruelty-free, vegan options, beauty related and beyond!







Kimberleigh is the owner of Eye For Beauty LLC, specializing in travel makeup + hair services for brides who love non-traditional elements, adventurous vibes, and authenticity- those that don’t want to cover freckles, and want to embrace who they are- wherever their love takes them!  Located in Connecticut, Kim travels all over the country striving to be affordably adventurous!  Kim went on two road trips a year growing up and enjoys the journey getting to the destination just as much as being there. When she’s not working, she loves cooking with her family, writing, sipping tea and being in nature.

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