By Caitlin Taylor


Hi fellow vegans! I’m Caitlin and I own Coral Dove Photography. I am a wedding photographer living in Frederick, Maryland with my two dogs, two guinea pigs, and a horse. I went vegan four years ago when my partner gave me the book The Animal Manifesto.  It completely changed my life. I’ve always loved the earth and animals but never realized I should be doing more until I went vegan.

Now I am pursuing a zero-waste life and as well as being a photographer I have started a vintage sustainable wedding dress business!

My photography style is gritty and documentary and I strive to tell the story of every wedding day. I am extremely inspired by classical art, dramatic lighting and simple moments. With moody black-and-whites and bold colors, I strive to create the most honest representation of what happened throughout my couples wedding day. I don’t want to invent the moments,  I want to document them how they happen. I only guide couples into a pose if you need it! I think your wedding day should be all about you living those moments and not worrying about creating them for the camera. I work hard to provide resources for eco-friendly weddings for my couples and encourage them to have less impact on the earth while having the greatest wedding day possible!

I am beyond excited to be writing for The Kind Bride! I have a true passion for the earth so I will discuss various topics including making your wedding more eco-friendly, spotlights on vegan vendors and how to find the perfect vintage wedding dress. Stay tuned!





Caitlin is a wedding photographer living in Maryland with her rescue animals (2 dogs, 2 guinea pigs, and horse to be exact). When she’s not shooting weddings, she consumes tons of vegan food, listens to records and watching b&w movies. She also loves diving into any historical fiction book she can get her hands on. She has been vegan for the past four years and hopes to run a farm sanctuary in the near future to save even more animals.

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