By Courtney Roberts


Hey there! My name is Courtney Roberts. I’m a filmmaker, writer, and activist currently living in my van in sunny South California. Here at The Kind Bride, I’m most excited to be sharing content with you about traveling as a vegan! I’m here to make planning your vegan honeymoon a breeze.

My vegan journey started in January of 2017. After a lifelong struggle with my weight, I was introduced to veganism through YouTube as a way to get healthy. I’ve fallen off the wagon of other diets before, but once I saw the suffering inflicted on animals in the meat and dairy industries, I knew that veganism was a lifelong change for me. I’ve now lost 25 pounds and gained a passion for animal rights that has changed every aspect of my life.

In addition to veganism, YouTube also showed me another alternative way of living: van life. I was introduced to a whole community of people traveling the world, living in their vans. I had always dreamed of traveling full-time, but financial constraints limited my ability to do that. Van life solved that problem for me! Now that I’ve moved into my own little home on wheels, I wander all around the western U.S., but my heart belongs in the city of angels. No matter how far I roam, I will always come back here.

Though I began my wedding filmmaking career in 2018, like many others, I’ve been planning my dream wedding in my head since I was about five years old. The Kind Bride is the wedding resource I wished for when I first went vegan. I’m so grateful that now I get to contribute my knowledge of traveling while maintaining a vegan lifestyle to help brides and grooms. Stay tuned for posts to help you have a cruelty-free honeymoon!






Courtney Roberts is a wedding videographer based in Southern California. Filming weddings is truly her dream job, because it combines her interest in storytelling with her passion for couples who are madly in love. She believes that empathy and connection are the basis of a meaningful life, and that veganism is an important part of that.



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