Hi there! My name is Helen and when I’m not doing the mommy thing, you can find me on the couch next to the Mr. laughing at the same Chandler Bing jokes we have heard 1,000 times before; it’s my zen! In between, I also photograph other people’s love stories, write about travel, and do exploring of my own!

Despite always having an interest in photography, I didn’t really explore it as more than a hobby until our move to Korea in Winter of 2013. This move changed my life in many ways as it became a link for all of my future ventures. At this time, I came out of my comfort zone to attend Animal Rights Lectures in Seoul and volunteer with local organizations. Two months into our stay, I took the vegan pledge and began to document our travels to include vegan-friendly sights and eats. Shortly after, I came in contact with a new vegan-travel magazine who featured our South Korean adventures. Being able to combine my love for animals and travel was surreal and fortunately, it is something that–4 years later–is still a big part of my life.

Upon my return to the U.S., I decided to start my photography business in California. I was able to connect with other vegan vendors which in itself was great but also was able to make new friendships and connections with my clients! Photography, to me, is about capturing moments and chemistry. The chemistry fueled by each person’s own background and journey is what shapes the uniqueness of the story and that is what I hope to capture in each session.

I now find myself in a new chapter of my own story across the country in the beautiful state of Maryland! New house, new adventures, and new endeavours! I am so excited to contribute to The Kind Bride and connect Brides + Grooms with vegan options sure to reduce that wedding planning stress! Stay tuned for interviews and other fun posts!



Helen Feliciano-Bailey is a wedding & portrait photographer based out of Maryland State and a self-proclaimed coffee-obsessed, vegan-travel-blog enthusiast and wanderer. She is a believer in veganism as a moral compass to inclusivity, compassion, and justice for all sentient beings. Her passions for human connection, storytelling, and artistry can be seen in her professional and personal projects.

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