By Robyn Karmazyn


When I first went vegan in 2012, it certainly didn’t come out of nowhere. As a kid, I remember noticing vegetarianism (veganism was virtually unheard of at the time) and it got me thinking. Finally, before I turned 14, I decided to stop eating meat because I started picturing the animals and my compassion won out. I carried on this way for over a decade as a pescatarian—still eating fish because it was easier that way and, mostly, because I wasn’t quite making the connection to all animal welfare and abuse yet.

Things eventually changed, however, when I started donating to animal organizations (and getting booklets of information in return), as well as engaging in various discussions with my colleagues at work. I went completely vegetarian and then, finally, realized the truth behind eggs and dairy—whose industries, quite frankly, are the best kept secrets from people until they usually make an active choice to find out more.

What I also realize nowadays is that many people misunderstand veganism as simply being a “dietary restriction”. But arguably, most vegans have ethical motivations and strive to lead an entirely vegan lifestyle. That means in addition to their food, omitting animal ingredients and by-products from their clothes, shoes, accessories, beauty and home décor products. I previously never realized some dishes are made from animal bones, hence the terms “bone china” and “bone porcelain”. Or that sheep are often mutilated in the wool-shearing process and that silk involves boiling silkworms in their cocoons. Or how many cosmetics are still tested on animals—including dogs, cats, rabbits, mice and monkeys.

This was the biggest motivator for me to develop an online vegan style magazine after personally making the switch. I launched it in 2018 and have subsequently focused on building related Instagram and Facebook pages under the In Your Vegan Style handle. My intention was appealing equally to vegans who are actively looking for cruelty-free options, and non-vegans who would make more compassionate choices if they only knew how.

Over the course of last year, planning my vegan wedding was another style dream! It also eventually led me to Daniela of the Kind Bride and our kismet collaboration. She recently featured my big day on this blog, and now I am thrilled to be joining the team as the resident style writer. Although I wasn’t always interested in style, my passion has grown steadily over the past 15 years. People may think that combining great fashion sense with veganism is tough, but I am out to prove otherwise. Especially when it comes to weddings!







Robyn Karmazyn is a writer, editor, and style lover from Toronto, Canada. She also created and runs the online magazine, In Your Vegan Style. Since planning her own vegan wedding, she continues to stay immersed in the industry by helping others and flipping through tons of inspiration photos. Robyn loves fashion, décor, styling, and weddings *almost* as much as she loves animals.

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