By Stephanie Warga


Hi friends, I’m Stephanie! Just want to say I am super grateful to be working with such a talented and compassionate group of creatives!! I have been a photographer for the past 25 years and vegan for 14 years.

Currently living in South Florida while documenting Weddings, Elopements and Engagements all over the country under my brand Tiny House Photo. My brand is LGBTQIA+, feminist, body positive and forward thinking. My photography style is mostly documentary, honest and full of raw emotion. I’ve also lived a beautiful life in Oakland, CA and NYC and plan on moving somewhere with mountains in the next few years. My dream is to open a vegan bed & breakfast / tiny house community of sorts.

I went vegan for health reasons but quickly became an advocate for animal rights. When I started my photography business I dreamed up ways to be “vegan” and offering two lines of albums that use vegan leather. In addition to weddings and couples, I offer business branding sessions and when taking on restaurant clients, I only work with vegan establishments. I’ve been super lucky to document three vegan weddings and I hope this trend continues (because of VEGAN WEDDING CAKE). Life is so much easier with “vegan” being more mainstream. Cross country road trips were horrible in 2008, today there are SO MANY OPTIONS and it makes my heart so happy!

When I’m not consumed with my client work, you will find me spending time with my amazing girlfriend, taking vegancations, traveling as much as possible, being witchy with my crystals, oracle cards and sage or watering my plethora of plants.






Stephanie Lynn Warga is a Documentary Wedding and Portrait Storyteller based in South Florida. Stephanie travels all over the country for her wedding clients, primarily the LGBTQ community. Her vegan ethics have infiltrated her business with offering her wedding clients cruelty free wedding album covers and only working with plant based restaurants for food photography. Stephanie has been happily taking “vegancations” for the last 14 years and hasn’t died from lack of protein. Stephanie has big dreams of opening a Vegan Bed & Breakfast / Tiny House Resort somewhere near mountains.

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