By Caitlin Taylor



Your wedding is a time of celebration and extravagance and it’s easy to feel guilty celebrating while there is so much chaos happening around the globe. As we all know there are devastating fires all across Australia that are hurting wildlife, the land, and humans. Over one billion animals have been lost to the fires. But there is something we can do about it, the organizations helping save the animals and people affected need your help. Instead of having a wedding registry, ask your guests to donate to a good cause to help the animals and people affected in Australia. That way you and your guests are both doing something to benefit the earth. The best thing we could do in the wake of this environmental disaster is to consume less. Part of the cause of global warming is from buying and consuming too many goods. Less is truly more. By opting out of a gift registry you are preventing items being made and precious resources being used.

Below are verified organizations that are impacting Australia and helping wildlife in need! Even if your wedding is a few months away or even a year away organizations in Australia will be needing funds for years to come so any donation helps.


Australian Red Cross

The Australian Red Cross focuses on helping communities respond to disasters like the bush fires. They are working on a three-year plan to help recover the land from the devastation they are experiencing. They are also providing grants to families in need whose land has been affected.



GIVIT works with communities to acquire donations that aid people in need. They work with marginalized people to provide them with the best items and are working to help the people affected by the drought and the fires.


NSW Rural Fire Service

NSW Rural Fire Service is an incredible organization that provides Australians with information about each of the bush fires currently happening, ways to plan and prepare for the fires near them and ways to connect with other organizations to get what they need during the drought. They have over 1,100 volunteers working hard to put out the bush fires.


Port Macquarie Koala Hospital

This Koala Hospital has taken in over 30 injured koalas. Because of the incredible donations being made the organization has been able to provide 100 drinking stations for the animals affected by the fires.


RSPCA New South Wales

The RSPCA is working to remove wildlife, livestock, and pets from dangerous situations and assisting in evacuation centers around Australia. Yearly they help over 29,00 animals- with this current situation those numbers will skyrocket.


Australian Koala Foundation

This organization has been working hard since 1986 to make the world safer for kolas by planting trees, educating the public, helping them through drought and wildfires much like these that are happening now. They advocate for better lives for the koalas.



WIRES is a wildlife rescue that responds to over 90,000 rescues per year. They have over 2,500 volunteers that respond to the calls and are working so hard to help the animals affected by the bushfires.


All of these incredible organizations will need help long after the fires stop so even if you have a wedding a year from now you can still make such a difference.







Caitlin is a wedding photographer living in Maryland with her rescue animals (2 dogs, 2 guinea pigs, and horse to be exact). When she’s not shooting weddings, she consumes tons of vegan food, listens to records and watching b&w movies. She also loves diving into any historical fiction book she can get her hands on. She has been vegan for the past four years and hopes to run a farm sanctuary in the near future to save even more animals.

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