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Federica Cavicchi “I’m Fede, human first, then Destination wedding Photographer for caring people. When I’m not shooting weddings all around Italy, I consume a ton of vegetables, I love diving into any type of book I can get my hands on. I’m a cat mum of six (but I wish I had at least 11). I’m always on the side of the animals and the earth. If we can live fuller and kinder and with more love, doesn’t it make sense to do so? The logic applies to my life fully and naturally has had a deep impact on my art and business. I want couples to make their wedding fit their ethical beliefs. I’d encourage them to be 100% themselves. I’d like them to organize their day according to what they are, want, and feel, careless of “how it should be”. Photography is not my point. Love is. Emotions are. People are.”