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Svendsen Jewellery works with you to create ethically-minded wedding rings that marry a Scandinavian ethos with your unique wants, needs, and ideas. Stine Ingvoldstad Svendsen, the designer behind Svendsen Jewellery, grew up in Norway and spent her childhood exploring the dramatic landscapes the country is famous for–deep forests, snow-covered mountains and serene fjords. These memories act as inspiration for the designs of Svendsen Jewellery. The result is jewellery that lives and breathes minimalism. And this means minimalism not only in design, but also as a way of living. Svendsen Jewellery strongly believes that we all need to do our part to minimize our impact on the natural world.



Glass Wing Jewellery Beautiful contemporary wedding & engagement rings and jewellery. Made using Fair Trade and recycled precious metals, up-cycled sea glass and ethically sourced gemstones. Designed in Devon UK by Fair Trade registered, vegan jeweller Kate Pearse, delivered worldwide”





Lisa Rothwell Young “I‘m a goldsmith, based in Scotland, working exclusively with recycled and Fair-mined precious metals.  I use only ethical traceable to mine gemstones (traceable to mine because unless you know exactly where they came from you can’t guarantee that they are ethical). My diamonds are either traceable Canadian diamonds, laboratory created sustainable diamonds or recycled antique diamonds.  I reuse all of my postal packaging, jewelry boxes are either recycled card, that can be composted or recycled timber boxes.  My jewelry is vegan (no animal products are used in the making of my jewelry (polishes, tools etc) and cruelty free.  I can create bespoke, meaningful designs or customers can choose from my collections.  I’m happy to reuse and recycle old jewelry, diamonds and gems.”




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