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Bridal wear is continuously evolving towards more sustainable practices. We are aware that it is still a niche market, but we’ve been seeing this shift happening in different parts of the world, so we are extremely hopeful that it’ll keep expanding. On The Kind Bride, we love witnessing this change and we’ve been happy to feature eco-friendly brands from UK and United States in the past months. Today, we’re going to tell you all about Between Me And You Bridal, shaping a new era of sustainable wedding dresses in Australia. But fear not, worldwide shipping is available!

Between Me and You Bridal fosters the traditionally natural correlation of sustainable wedding gowns and the protection of the Earth. Handmade in their studio on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia, their made-to-order wedding gowns look to the future.

From the hand-selected choice of fabric suppliers and the artisan in-house creation of their wedding gowns to the packing of their garment bags: founders Meaghan and Kayla Cummings are proud to choose environmentally friendly solutions for every step along the creation of the next sustainable wedding gown. 
Meaghan and Kayla always loved making elegant wedding gowns but hated the tons of fabric waste and pollution associated with a dress that’s worn only once. Torn to justify their own role in an industry that is continuously adding more waste and plastic to the environment, it came down to a simple choice: Accept it, leave it, or change it.
Instead of using polyester and synthetics fabrics they began to only use natural and recycled materials to create Between Me and You Bridal gowns. Inspired by the originality of how wedding dresses were made 100 years ago, they re-discovered the natural beauty of linen, cotton and traditional, handmade lace.
Since then, they have sourced certified organic cotton lace from Germany, natural materials such as hemp, tencel, silk and linen blends from Australia and New Zealand, and recycled materials produced from PET bottles in Asia. Read more on their fabrics here. For their sewing machines, they use organic cotton thread. Between Me and You wedding gowns are closed by 100% recycled zippers made from post-consumer polyester materials. Their packaging and tags are also plastic-free, while their cardboard mailer boxes are made of recyclable materials, and their shipping bags are biodegradable and will decompose within 12 months.
Most of Between Me and You designs use a blend of different materials that include the use of silk, but  their collection currently carry two wedding gowns that are 100% vegan friendly.


Photos by Aimee Catt

The Flora Gown embraces the timeless, elegant lace wedding dress. Created from an organic cotton lace, she boasts a bold floral pattern, extending from her boat neck, down her illusion back, through her long sleeves and down her fit and flare silhouette that skims the figure to enhance curves. Ethically handmade in Australia, Flora is the sustainable solution to polyester and nylon lace wedding dresses. The embroidered tulle lace is made of 100% organic cotton and the raw lining is 100% Tencel.



Photos by Gna Amato

The Zinnia Gown is a visual masterpiece from every angle. Designed for the minimalist bride, she is beautiful by name and nature. Zinnia is created from a unique mixture of natural and recycled materials. Organic cotton lace and Rpet georgette that has been woven from yarns made from recycled plastic bottles. Ethically handmade in Australia, Zinnia is the wedding dress you can wear again and again.

While Meaghan and Kayla have revolutionized their business model to embrace sustainable practices, they are still looking for ways to improve. They are now exploring renting out their designs. Kayla shared her thoughts on this topic.

“We love creating eco, ethically made wedding dresses. Our goal is to provide brides with a sustainable alternative in an industry that is lacking and contributing to landfill and environmental waste. We want to ensure that we offer alternative options in all avenues for sustainable women. Our gowns are completely biodegradable or recyclable. However, due to the fact that a wedding dress is only worn once, it cannot be 100% sustainable. We want to provide a solution for the women who cannot justify spending thousands of dollars on something they are only going to wear once. So, with that we wanted to be able to provide a rental service. Not only will this save brides thousands of dollars, but will reduce the need of over production, minimize our deliveries, fabric waste and will in return give our dresses a purpose to be reused rather than sitting on a rack or sitting in a closest. At this stage most rental items will be an Australian size 8 or 10. We will be creating more samples in smaller and larger sizes to be available in the near future. Our rental service will be available for Australian’s by the beginning of 2020, possible sooner. We are also working hard on gaining international stockists to sell or lease our gowns for those who do not live in Australia.”
As Meaghan and Kayla love to say, with Between Me and You Bridal you can say YES to your partner AND to sustainability!


Cover Photo by Gna Amato





An incurable enthusiast and independent spirit since she could remember (her childhood heroines were Pippi Longstockings and Katharine Hepburn) Daniela Degrassi found her creative outlet as a lifestyle photographer, working mainly in Northern California. Currently splitting her time between SF Bay Area and her native Italy to continue to be her autistic sister’s primary caregiver. Vegan since 2014, she found a perfect way to carry her message of compassion while celebrating her love for the wedding industry launching The Kind Bride in February 2018.



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