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Last month, fair trade bridal line Bohyne launched their online shop. The Kind Bride has been following the brand’s story since its beginnings seduced by their commitment to cruelty free and brand transparency well documented on their blog, where Bohyne offers resources and information on fabrics, manufacture, and ordering. 

Bohyne launched online back in October of 2019. In November, the first drop from the Deadstock Collection became available to view. Going into 2020, Bohyne started work on its digital platforms beyond Instagram, including a newsletter, Pinterest and of course, website

The brand’s black-and-white-only aesthetic on Instagram has been carried over to its website. However, shoppers will be delighted to know alternate photos in color (as well as in our feature) are available under each item name so they know exactly what they’re purchasing. 

Naming the collection was as simple as evaluating available resources. Rather than purchasing large quantities of brand new fabrics, they invested in bolts of deadstock fabrics. These strategically-sourced fabrics are often left abandoned after going unused for some time. Despite being like-new, or brand new in most cases, many fabrics are thrown out having never been used. Bohyne has sourced deadstock tulle, Valentino satin, bamboo, and lace (all vegan).

In addition to their deadstock fabrics, Bohyne also sourced hand-crafted and plant-based fabrics. Local to our cooperative in Cambodia, master weavers create (with as little harm as possible) raw silks. This is a good time to mention the near impossibility to ensure silks can be created as “peace silks.” The smaller the batch and lower-level of manufacture (such as Bohyne’s sources) is as close to peace silk as possible. However, Bohyne avoids marketing with the term. 

If you’re looking to avoid silks altogether, Bohyne has plenty of other ethical, sustainable options. Bamboo fabric is a staple in Bohyne collection, lining many of our pieces. It’s ideal for a breathable, flowy fit like you’ll find on the Charlie Jumpsuit or Kahlia Trousers.

Bohyne’s Deadstock Collection features three “drops” as the brand defines them. In each, approximately one dozen new styles will be unveiled. The second drop was photographed Valentine’s weekend and will be available to view and purchase online in March. This method of small-batch style releases ensures manufacture remains slow, steady and attentive to detail.

Come April, Bohyne will begin hosting trunk shows and pop-up events. The first event, hosted by Noa Brides of Omaha, brings sought-after fair trade and sustainable wedding fashion to brides on the West Coast. As one of the only bridal lines working with a certified fair trade manufacturer, the team at Bohyne is extremely excited to bring the brand to new destinations.

To stay on top of all the latest things Bohyne, be sure to follow the brand on Instagram and subscribe to weekly email dispatches. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming events.


Photo Credits
Photography – North Arrow Photo
Wardrobe, accessories – Bohyne
Model – Bianca B.
Hair, makeup – At Home Beauty Studio
Styling, creative direction – Alex Perry
Assistant stylist – Eliza T.






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