By Alex Perry



Last year, fair trade wedding dress line Celia Grace debuted its first new collection in nearly five years, the Wild Wood Collection. Designed by Colleen Bankovich, the line featured deadstock lace and plant-based fabric crafted by hand in the chicest silhouettes. The collection was far more modern and minimalist than gowns of Celia Grace’s past, and brides everywhere were loving the new aesthetic of the brand. styles from the Wild Wood Collection were seen in Modern Luxury Weddings Chicago, British Vogue, Vogue India and more.

Despite on-going support from both buyers and press, Celia Grace had halted further production and growth in November of 2018. In July of this year, Colleen was able to secure the rights to the designs to the Wild Wood Collection. This meant that the dressmakers we had employed, the fans we had created and demand we saw could once again be met with what they wanted and needed.

Bohyne Bridal will continue the legacy of fashion-forward fair trade bridal and ceremonial wear featuring dress and gowns as well as jumpsuits, toppers, pants and camisoles. The line will use some of the same fabrics from Wild Wood, including bamboo and dead stock lace. But before Bohyne can debut all the beauty Colleen has prepared, a large investment in resources and tools must be made, and not just for the brand itself. The cooperative we partner with in Cambodia is in need of grants and machinery to employ more dressmakers and seamstresses.

To ease the financial burden of these much needed investments, Bohyne has launched a Kickstarter for $30,000 (the campaign needs to surpass this goal and cannot get funds unless that amount is reached). We are hoping to achieve this goal through not only the supporters of ethical, fair trade business, but also brides. From $300 to $1100 donated, we are offering brides from $100 to $500 of the cost of their dress, all while the other portion of their donation helps elevate the establishment of Bohyne, and support those who create their dress.

Other gifts for donations include hand-written thank you notes for all donations over $5, bamboo unisex robes, website and social media mentions, and more. Our goal is to remain transparent with all aspects of the business, and we will be honored to share the results of your generosity with the campaign.

Approximately every two months, Bohyne will drop a series of styles through an innovative “slow drop” model. In the name of sustainability, the line will spread out the manufacture and marketing of each style. Aside from the protest to fast fashion, this tactic ensures that each hand-crafted item has its chance to shine. Some of the most coveted styles from the Wild Wood Collection, including Crosby and Elizabeth H. will be carried over into Bohyne’s offerings.

Once the Kickstarter campaign closes on October 31, the Wild Wood Collection will no longer be available for purchase. At that time, Bohyne will begin revealing the new designs from the anticipated Deadstock Collection – think of this as a play on “Woodstock.”  Pre-orders for Bohyne designs will start November 5, and will begin to be fulfilled by March of 2020.

Bohyne invites everyone to join the movement towards standardizing ethical, slow manufacture practices for bridal and beyond. Follow Bohyne on Instagram and Facebook for all the latest updates. To support their campaign please visit their Kickstarter page.






Alex Perry is a creative-minded story-telling specialist with experience in the newsroom, as well as working direct-to-client. She currently works with bridal, beauty, technology and cannabis brands in her PR agency, Perry Rose Media. She is a mother of two, true-blue Libra and passionate entrepreneur. Typically, you’ll find her behind blue-light blocking glasses sipping CBD-infused chai lattes. Follow Alex on Instagram





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