By Robyn Karmazyn



For years, vegetarianism—and now veganism—have been thought of as female-dominated lifestyles. And while animal-free weddings are growing in popularity, most people would assume the groom is not part of the decision, or that he himself cares as much about not partaking in cruelty on both his plate and his back. But those days are over.


Suiting Up

The fashion industry (like the food industry) is fortunately catching up to customer preferences in 2019. Whether your fiancé or groomsmen need a suit or tux, black or navy, or a fun and wild alternative, there are excellent options around like Brave Gentleman’s Italian-milled bamboo made-to-order suit (left) or The Groomsman Suit’s polyester and rayon Classic Tuxedo (right). Both of these American companies are doing cruelty-free menswear right.


Manly Accessories

Although quality dress-wear continues to feature silk, this “luxury” fabric is also derived from living beings. Forego the cruelty, instead, with velvet, polyester satin, faux silk, and cotton from the UK brand Mrs. Bow Tie (left), and American store Jaan J. (right). These labels offer plenty of vegan-friendly substitutions for ties, pocket squares, suspenders, and more for your man’s wedding attire—not to mention easy online ordering.

Top to Waist

If he is also looking to add to his ensemble with a belt, fedora or the like, there are plenty of appropriate places to look. Truth Belts and Le Chateau are both Canadian shops with great pickings, including faux leather belts made of materials like polyurethane and recycled tires (the former, left) and stylish head-toppers made of viscose and polyester (the latter, right). You just know your guests are going to be asking where he got those cool accessories.

Chic Shoes 

And if clothes make the man, then his shoes certainly help complete the look. Check out the amazing faux leather footwear today at Call It Spring (left) from Canada and Wills Vegan Store (right) from the UK. While the latter has ‘vegan’ right in the name, just this year, the former brand announced it was officially going vegan after almost three decades in business—a very smart move considering its load of leather-free styles already. But be sure your groom-to-be chooses comfort, too, so you both can dance the night away!

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Robyn Karmazyn is a writer, editor, and style lover from Toronto, Canada. She also created and runs the online magazine, In Your Vegan Style. Since planning her own vegan wedding, she continues to stay immersed in the industry by helping others and flipping through tons of inspiration photos. Robyn loves fashion, décor, styling, and weddings *almost* as much as she loves animals.




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