By Robyn Karmazyn



Wedding style has certainly changed over time, but particularly in the last two years since couples have downsized their big days due to guest number restrictions. This has seemingly encouraged a more casual attitude towards getting married—and a more casual vibe overall. 

But who says you need tuxes and gowns to celebrate your love anyway? And when it comes to groom fashion, shoes make the man! These various vegan footwear options will go great with whatever style wedding you choose to have.


Mio Marino Speckled Wingtip Oxford Dress Shoes

The vegan take on this traditional footwear style will make you feel effortlessly chic on your big day. Made with premium polyurethane and anti-slip soles, you can pair any gorgeous suit with them and feel like a million bucks to match your bride or fellow groom!


Reef Santa Ana Flip Flops

For the ultimate casual, warm weather wedding, these vegan leather flip flops with arch support will work great—whether you choose a beach or a lake to say “I do” in front of. Bonus: flip flops make it easy to literally kick your shoes off and party down at the reception afterwards!


Toms Baja Slip On

Whether you credit Justin Timberlake or Timothee Chalamet with mixing suits and sneakers, this combination has become increasingly popular. Keeping both of them sleek and modern will create such a cool look that even your grandparents will approve of.

Steve Madden Bowen Blue

Who says only the bride should wear blue? Adding a pop of colour to your wedding suit will keep all eyes (or maybe half of them) on you. With men’s fashion taking a more experimental turn, the best time to join in the fun is arguably on the day you’re a co-star!

Matt & Nat ITOKI Dress Shoes

If going too casual on what you always considered a fancy sort of day, we get it. That’s why there’s still an awesome selection of classic vegan dress shoes to complement your suit or tux. You don’t really want your bride or groom totally upstaging you, after all…







Robyn Karmazyn is a writer, editor, and style lover from Toronto, Canada. She also created and runs the online magazine, In Your Vegan Style. Since planning her own vegan wedding, she continues to stay immersed in the industry by helping others and flipping through tons of inspiration photos. Robyn loves fashion, décor, styling, and weddings *almost* as much as she loves animals. Read Robyn’s articles


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