By Daniela Degrassi


During my latest visit in California this Spring, I happened to visit “N.3”, a charming jewelry boutique in the Russian Hill district of San Francisco. The store philosophy is to support artists and designers committed to respect the earth and have an unique story to tell.

The originality of N.3 designer collections is clear… modern and sleek, definitely targeted to fashion forward and alternative brides.

My eyes were soon hypnotized by “Point No Point Studio” designs, Seattle brand that happened to host an Open House at N.3 on the day I visited N.3.

Point No Point Studio Engagement Rings

The brand’s founder, Julie Stark, created Point No Point Studio in 2011. The natural beauty of her home state of Washington, forests, mountains and beaches have been very inspirational for Julie. The company’s name comes from the name of Pudget Sound’s oldest light house.

Julie finds  inspiration in the creations of the natural world while incorporating hints of classic jewelry designs, combining them with modern interpretations. Her jewelry is an alternative to the traditional approach of wedding jewelry. It is Julie’s particular joy to spot characteristics and individual peculiarities of diamonds that are often overlooked by other designers, and to mount them in settings that highlight their unique qualities.

That is definitely Point No Point Studio signature, as each ring has a very original shape and design while keeping a distinctive feel of belonging to Julie’s style.

Point No Point Studio is committed to providing their customers with high quality fine jewelry without compromising their ethical or sustainable values.  Julie’s jewelry is crafted exclusively using 100% recycled metals and carefully selected diamond supply partners who are also committed to providing top quality diamonds that are conflict-free. On their website, they provide extensive information on their metals and stones used in their supply chain. I particularly found fascinating to learn how Julie loves to work with raw diamonds and the various colorations and translucency they each carry.  Salt & Pepper (or ‘speckled’ diamonds) for example, are mostly clear with white, grey, or black ‘salt & pepper’ like flecks. This style of diamond has become quite desirable in the last few years, like the Eliza and Zoe Salt and Pepper engagement rings shown below.

Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring
.98 Salt and Pepper Eliza Ring Setting Engagement, 14k Rose Gold
1.09 Carat Salt & Pepper Diamond Zoe Setting Engagement Ring, 14k Rose Gold

Point No Point Studio wedding bands are no ordinary wedding rings! They are real show stoppers!

Baguette Diamond V Band, 14k Yellow Gold
Constellation Diamond Contour Band #2, 14k Rose Gold
Duchess Diamond Contour Wedding Ring, 14k Rose Gold
Large Etta diamond basket contour band, 14k White Gold

Point No Point Studio also thoughtfully creates wedding bands for men. Love the sleek design!

8mm Mens Wedding Band, Wood Texture, Sterling Silver
4mm Mens Wedding Band, .925 Sterling Silver

And ‘yours truly’, set her eyes (and goal!) on this particular Morganite stunner… I don’t need a boyfriend to get this for myself, right?


Find out more on Point No Point Studio visiting their website and stunning Instagram feed!




A feminist and independent spirit since she could remember (her childhood heroines were Pippi Longstockings and Katharine Hepburn) Daniela Degrassi found her creative outlet as a lifestyle photographer, working mainly in Northern California where she lived for 15 years before moving back to her native Italy to continue to be her autistic sister’s primary caregiver. Vegan since 2014, she found a perfect way to carry her message of compassion while celebrating her love for the wedding industry launching The Kind Bride in February 2018.

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