By Hazel Walshaw



Spring is here, and the sun is even shining…some of the time. We find ourselves wanting to get outdoors again and enjoy nature. Getting outside might even inspire you for your wedding! Do you long for an outdoor wedding, but not sure the weather will be on your side? Do you love the great outdoors, but your partner prefers the comfort of indoors? 

Bringing the natural environment into your wedding is both romantic and mindful, and it shows appreciation to our beautiful planet. Here are 7 ways you can bring the outdoors indoors….and have a wedding inspired by nature…

Image Courtesy of Little Hill Designs



Choose a venue with an orangery that is licensed for ceremonies. There are a number of venues that have large botanical glasshouses full of plants and exotic trees that are licensed for ceremonies.


Hire Topiary

Hire in large potted plants, small trees, or tall bamboo plants. These could be placed as a focal point for the ceremony, or around the sides of the venue to create a green, tranquil backdrop.

Image Courtesy by Baliflags



It’s all in the smell! Certain smells invoke nature. Wild garlic, pine, honeysuckle, and herbs. You could give small pots of herbs as wedding favors – they’ll look good and smell great during the day, and then they are a lovely, useful eco-friendly gift for your guests afterwards and can even be displayed as table centerpieces! 

Image Courtesy of Lemon Leaf Market 


Nature sounds 

Instead of a CD playing classical music during the wedding reception, why not have sounds of the rainforest, or bird song.


Foliage Walls

Instead of opulent flower walls, you can hire boxwood hedge walls, or foliage walls – giving the space a maze feel.

Image Courtesy of Class A Event Rentals


Tree Stumps

Use tree stumps to place your natural-themed elements on, or even just some candles and foliage.

Image Courtesy of Jot Studio PL 


Ceiling Decor

Hang foliage and floral arrangements from the ceilings, to make it feel like you are under a natural canopy.

Image by Courtney Hanson for Allison and Co. Events



So, I hope these ideas inspire you to think about the beauty of nature and how you can bring elements of the outdoor indoors, for a nature-inspired wedding day.







Hazel is a mindful wedding coach, author, and online course creator. She was a wedding planner for over a decade and is now training to be a mindfulness practitioner. Hazel is ‘marrying’ the mindfulness with wedding planning to offer brides-to-be a calm, stress-free alternative to planning their wedding day which fits their ethos and values. Her intuitive approach and courses are designed to empower brides to be confident and thoughtful wedding planners, able to handle any situation in a way that is beneficial to everyone involved. She loves writing and, when not writing about mindfulness and wedding planning, she writes kids books. With three boys or her own, she has her own tribe of book critics. She lives in Leeds with her husband, kids and husky, Skye. Read Hazel articles



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