By Heather Brooks



In the age of Covid-19 we have had to do a lot of pivoting. So many people had to cancel their events; it has put a huge burden on couples to figure out what to do and this effect has trickled down to your favorite florists and caterers. Weddings, graduations, birthdays and all kinds of get-togethers had to put on the brakes while we hunkered down for the safety of ourselves and people we care about. Now that we know more about how to reduce some of the risk of transmission like masks, frequent washing, and distancing, people are looking for ways to have a wedding in the safest ways possible, enter the minimony, an idea born in the coronavirus era.

The exact definition of a minimony is a little squishy right now as it’s a new concept. The evolving definition is that it’s a small ceremony with ten of your nearest and dearest. It’s important that you assure social distancing and keep safety as a priority while celebrating your special moment with people you can’t imagine the day without.

Venues that might work well for a minimony would be as simple as a backyard, or the beach. Outdoor venues mean that you have more air and it’s easier to space people. Now is a great time for the big barns that everybody has come to enjoy. Many event spaces are making special adjustments, so give your venue possibilities a call and see what they suggest.

Once you found your location, here’s 5 essentials for setting the stage for a lavish vegan minimony:



Custom made masks for guests in your wedding colors or lace! There are many mask makers who can accommodate special requests, including my daughter who is an out-of-work theatre professional right now. You can see some of her masks here – just email her for custom options, she does do them. Other ways to keep things safe, make sure there is a washing station, as well as plenty of wipes and hand sanitizer available.



Since your expenses will be much lower overall you can splurge on the more expensive bouquets, the high-end plated meals, the luxuriously layered table setting using linen or cotton fabrics. Keep sustainability in mind by choosing locally and sustainably grown florals, seasonal flowers will be more cost effective as well.

Table by Amethyst Event Productions – Photo Lidia Codrean



If you decide to go ahead with a dinner, have a seated meal instead of a buffet, which requires people to touch shared surfaces. Use a vegan caterer you can trust to follow safety precautions. Another way to help keep germs from spreading is single-serve beverages in individual bottles. This doesn’t have to be low-quality, either! There are many high-end brands that are vegan-friendly as well as tasty.



No tears for no tiers! Since you won’t need a big layered cake for your minimony,  you can have plenty of fun with your dessert table. You can serve cupcakes that are mini versions of the cake you wanted to have, mini donuts, cake pops, macarons… and anything your local vegan baker can please your guests with!

Mini Cupcakes by Aliment Kitchen



You can splurge on your few guests by getting them multiple high-end keepsakes like luxury soaps, a take-home mini bottle of Moet & Chandon (vegan friendly!), or chocolate. Amore di Mona makes allergenic free chocolates that are low in sugar, gluten and soy free, and yet fabulously luscious!




Take all the places you had to cut corners a little to save for a large wedding and really have fun with it!








Heather Brooks lives near Washington, D.C.. She is the Wedding Specialist at D.C. Vegan Catering, a full-service catering company serving the DMV area, and is part of the management team. Heather is also an author of fiction, founder of the Women Authors of Maryland writers’ group and salons, and founder of The Write Women Book Fest.

Her journey towards veganism began with her daughter Amber, who decided she wanted to be a vegetarian at a young age. Heather is a big believer in empowering her daughters, so she worked at figuring out how to incorporate this new diet into their average American lifestyle. Read Heather’s articles

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