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What a year it has been! Beauty services essentially shutdown for part of the year, and brides were forced to reschedule their big day to a later point, while many opted for a small intimate wedding instead. Those in the beginning stages of planning are feeling unclear on when to book certain vendors, or even when to schedule their hair and makeup trial. Vendors on the other hand, are booking up more quickly than ever before.

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Before The Trial

It’s a good idea to look over the artists’ work, make sure it is similar in esthetic to what you’re going for, and see how well they respond to your inquiries. Brides can send over photos of the makeup style they like, as well as their dress. Reading reviews from other brides is important now more than ever. Having a beauty company that is flexible, understanding, and easy to work with makes all the difference, especially during COVID.

When To Schedule

We had previously suggested scheduling a hair and makeup trial around a day you’d like to feel done up, whether that was a dress fitting or engagement session. However, boutiques had temporarily closed their doors, and beauty services were not allowed to operate. In the United States, the New England area was hit relatively hard early on, while the rest of the country was still able to do services. Now that parts of the country are starting to open up, it’s important to communicate with your beauty team about the restrictions and regulations in your area. Rhode Island will be allowing full face makeup applications starting in phase 3, while Connecticut currently still needs the client to wear a mask the entire duration of the service. New York State has set guidelines in place dependent on the region and county your vendors are in.

Those looking into setting up a makeup trial, should reach out to their vendor and ask important questions about the regulations, what is currently allowed, and how they are addressing sanitation and proper PPE. At Eye For Beauty CT we have always taken sanitation very seriously, and have now set aside additional time between clients to sanitize even more. Some of our artists have taken this shutdown as an opportunity to gain more certificates and education when it comes to disinfecting. We’ve reworked our kits and kept in communication with our brides about the often changing guidelines. Currently, artists need to wear a mask and either a face shield or goggles when working on clients. Clients need to wear a face mask the entire duration of the service whether they are getting hair services or makeup.

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Build In Extra Time

Those businesses that build in additional time, wear proper PPE, and are following guidelines are the companies you really want handling your bridal party. It’s heart breaking reading articles about COVID cases arising after a gathering. Those simple health questions asked prior to the start of a service can really make a difference. There will always be businesses that break the rules, but we rather keep our brides, our stylists, and families safe during this uncertain time.

Skin Prep Is The Key To Flawless Makeup

We are seeing an increase in skincare related questions. Wearing masks for long periods of time can have a huge impact on your skin’s health, creating breakouts, chapped lips, and unflattering tan lines.  We happily work with brides to make sure their skin looks the best it can leading up to their wedding. Offering product recommendations and virtual shopping consultations have been popular recently, for those seeking skincare advice at-home.

Book A Virtual Session

Depending on your state, clients may need to wear a face mask the entire duration of service, making a full face makeup application impossible. We have been tentatively scheduling brides for their trials, making them fully aware we may need to reschedule. However, we have been offering virtual sessions for those seeking a lesson via Zoom. Recently, we also have been doing in-person makeup applications from the eyes up, and given brides extra foundation, lipstick, a beauty sponge and disposable applicators for them to apply themselves. A quick “how to” has been done, before letting them apply themselves in another room, keeping with the local social distancing guidelines.

The good news is that things are looking up. Connecticut has opened phase 2 earlier than originally scheduled. Rhode Island is allowing full face makeup applications. New England has been successfully offering hair services since early June. Even with the cases in the Carolinas on the rise, hair services are still being done, with sanitation being the priority. Eye For Beauty CT regularly gets updated from those instructing and practicing esthetics in Arizona and California, and many states are now able to offer facials and makeup applications again.



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Kimberleigh is the owner of Eye For Beauty LLC, specializing in travel makeup + hair services for brides who love non-traditional elements, adventurous vibes, and authenticity- those that don’t want to cover freckles, and want to embrace who they are- wherever their love takes them!  Located in Connecticut, Kim travels all over the country striving to be affordably adventurous!  Kim went on two road trips a year growing up and enjoys the journey getting to the destination just as much as being there. When she’s not working, she loves cooking with her family, writing, sipping tea and being in nature. Read Kim’s articles

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