By Caitlin Taylor



With Covid limiting the amount of wedding guests around the world couples are opting for smaller, more intimate celebrations. Even couples for 2021 are scaling back their wedding and going with a more DIY approach. Because of that couples can scale their wedding planning back and keep decor more simple- including wedding flowers. Some florists purchase flowers that are imported from across the world making a negative environmental impact just by shipping and flying in the specialty flowers. A way you can avoid the environmental impact is to grow your own! Here are five easy to grow flowers that make beautiful wedding bouquets. The good news is that even if you don’t have an outdoor space- you can grow these flowers  in pots! Another perk is that you will be creating a haven for bees and butterflies as your flowers grow.


Black Eyed Susan

This beautiful flower is drought tolerant and easy to grow in the sunshine in a container or garden. They bloom in the summertime and continue blooming into the early fall. Their orange and black coloring is a stand out in any bouquet. Add in some greenery and white flowers (maybe like the Yarrow mentioned below) and you have a beautiful summertime bouquet. 



A perfect flower to grow if you are getting married in the late summer/ early fall. You can plant them from seed and watch them take off. They grow easily in pots or in your garden. Once they are big enough they will bloom continuously until the first fall frost. Most are heat and drought resistant making them good to grow just about anywhere! You can also harvest the seeds to eat after you enjoy the blooms at your wedding.



Not only is this purple flower vibrant and delicate it adds a lovely calming scent to your wedding. These flowers prefer full sun and can be grown in a 5 gallon bucket if you are tight on space! The lavender blooms in late summer. You can also dry the stems and use the pieces as a send off for your guest to throw- they show up beautifully for photos, are biodegradable and smell lovely too! 



This flower comes in purple, white and yellow and can be grown easily in containers or in your garden. Yarrow grows quickly from seed so you can choose to start from scratch or pick up a start at your local greenhouse. All it wants is sunshine and it takes off- it is a very easy plant to grow. It starts to bloom late spring/ early summer. This is a good filler plant to place around your other blooms and to put as stand alone for a table setting.


Moth Orchids

These flowers come in a variety of colors and blooms late winter through June/ July. They can be grown on your windowsill with just water and fertilizer. They make absolutely stunning standalone centerpieces and bouquets. When purchasing a moth orchid check for fleshy, live roots and make sure the plants have a deep green stem and leaves instead of yellow. 


When planning your wedding flower garden first check in your area what flowers are easy to grow and what time of year you are getting married. From there get creative and see what flowers work best in your area. If your wedding is next year you are in luck and can start planning your garden now!

The Old Farmers Almanac and A Way to Garden are wonderful resources for finding whether these plants will grow easily in your area. Good luck! 







Caitlin is a wedding photographer living in Maryland with her rescue animals (2 dogs, 2 guinea pigs, and horse to be exact). When she’s not shooting weddings, she consumes tons of vegan food, listens to records and watching b&w movies. She also loves diving into any historical fiction book she can get her hands on. She has been vegan for the past four years and hopes to run a farm sanctuary in the near future to save even more animals. Read Caitlin articles

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