By Mariam Norman



A couple’s “happy ending” starts with the perfect wedding proposal. However, planning a memorable, dreamy proposal can be a challenge especially when one of you is vegan or an environmental advocate. Hush. Quit worrying. Check out these eco-friendly proposal ideas and tips that will surely make her say “YES”!


Go on a picnic

There’s nothing more romantic than sharing great vegan food together while enjoying the beautiful outdoor views. Make your proposal picnic more memorable by choosing a dreamy location. It could be at the beach, by the river, at a botanical garden, or even in your very own backyard! Once you found the perfect spot, start planning on the details. Comfort food like vegan burgers, salads, and burritos are great for picnics. Don’t forget to pack a cooler, bee’s wrap for food (this one is vegan!), flatware, chic bamboo plates, reusable utensils, cloth napkins, and storage containers.


Plant a tree

One of the most memorable things to do in your proposal is to plant a tree together. It’s an eco-conscious practice that will bring more meaning to this already special moment. Tree planting is symbolic too. You’re bringing in new life to this world, and you’re starting a new life together. Isn’t that romantic?!

Ride a bike

Do you both enjoy riding a bike? Make sure she doesn’t get a single clue that you’re about to pop the ring. Go for a scenic ride. Set something up at your destination. Maybe a vegan dinner-for-two or a floral backdrop with a big “marry me” sign.


Have a romantic dinner date at a farm-to-table resto

If you like the classic way of proposing to a girl, take her to the “best date ever”. Choose a farm-to-table restaurant that serves incredibly delicious organic, vegan meals. Ideally, a spot where you can enjoy mesmerizing landscapes, such as fields and pasture.


Additional Tips

Whatever theme or style you have in mind, here are a few more important tips to make your marriage proposal eco-friendly:

Make sustainability a priority

Everything, from the backdrop to the decor, table setups, and accessories should be prepared with sustainability in mind. Think of how you can reuse items, reduce waste, and leave no environmental trace. Veganism is being able to enjoy simple things in life.

Don’t forget the camera

Make sure you capture the moment! If possible, have a friend or someone take photos of your proposal. Candid shots are the best. You can also record the entire proposal so you have a keepsake and something to show to your future kids and grandkids!


Go floral-foam-free

If you’re making floral arrangements for your proposal, ditch the floral foam and use sustainable canisters instead, such as glass vases or basket weave-like containers. Just add pebbles, sand, gravel, or marbles into the vase or can to hold the stems together. 

Choose a sustainably made, conflict-free ring

To complete your proposal and to capture the heart of your socially conscious partner, choose a stunning engagement ring that features conflict-free jewels. Many jewelry makers source recycled or fair trade gold and conflict-free diamonds. To be sure, choose brands that are green-certified.

Lastly, make sure you choose the perfect engagement ring style and settings that matches the lifestyle and personality of your significant other. Pulling off an eco-friendly wedding proposal involves just a few simple things. All you need is extra creativity to make this occasion unique and incredibly romantic. Again, stick to sustainable materials when decorating your proposal venue. Remember, every minute detail is important. 








Mariam Norman is a former wedding planner who turned into a storyteller for Noray Designs. She mostly writes about wedding planning, bridal fashion and jewelry trends. If you’re trying to get a grasp of the wedding fashion world, she’s here to inspire you.


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