By Robyn Karmazyn



Planning your big day comes with a lot of work, and likely a big checklist. If you’re lucky enough to have a supportive group of guys to plan a fun bachelor party and relax with a drink now and then, you’re probably wondering what to get them in return. Groomsmen gifts can be tricky—especially if you want to keep them vegan and unique! Here are 5 fun options to explore.



As the expression goes, “The best way into a man’s heart is through his stomach.” So why not give him the gift of cooking? A Spice Affair Plant-Based Kit delivers globally and offers free shipping across Canada and the United States. These modern 12 jars include chana masala, guacamole, bruschetta, taco and potato seasonings, and more. They’re all non-GMO, nut-free, and natural (in addition to being vegan and both paleo- and keto-friendly). 



For spiritual and fitness-loving guys who either like to relax with some yoga or squeeze in floor reps after cardio, a sustainable cork mat is a great way to go. Companies like Gaiam and Urbivore combine environmentalism with the cool, timeless, earthy look of cork to give your pals something functional. Thank them for their participation in your wedding party with this chic and health-conscious gift option.



We all know diet experts and medical health experts alike admonish sugary soda drinks. Enter the increasingly popular SodaStream machine that creates carbonation at the press of a button with plain old water. On top of that, your guy friends can add their own flavouring (which are non-GMO, naturally sweetened, lower sugar and/or lower calories) or simply real lemons and limes for a much healthier—and cheaper—lifestyle.



Pela has become a growing name in the smartphone tech industry for good reason. Have you ever thought about how much plastic waste our gadget holders produce? A super smart alternative is a compostable cover made from plant materials. They come in numerous designs, colours and sizes. And when you’re finished with it, you can literally plant it in the earth.



Vegan leather is thankfully growing in popularity due to its often-lower carbon footprint, and cruelty-free status. Matt & Nat, a company based in Montreal, was arguably one of the forefather/mothers of the movement as they’ve been around over 25 years. We also still tend to think of leather as a “manly” material, so a vegan substitute is perfect to treat your buddies. The brand’s complete line includes briefcases, wallets, and other bag styles depending on your budget and the recipient. 








Robyn Karmazyn is a writer, editor, and style lover from Toronto, Canada. She also created and runs the online magazine, In Your Vegan Style. Since planning her own vegan wedding, she continues to stay immersed in the industry by helping others and flipping through tons of inspiration photos. Robyn loves fashion, décor, styling, and weddings *almost* as much as she loves animals. Read Robyn’s articles


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