By Robyn Karmazyn



There’s lots to prepare in advance of your wedding day, but if you’re lucky, you’ve got some great people by your side! So what do you get your bridesmaids to show them your appreciation? Here are a few ideas they are sure to love—without harming animals or the environment…



Candles may seem like a cliché gift, but you can’t really go wrong with the classy and colorful Voluspa jars that look and smell amazing in any room! This company uses coconut wax that is vegan-friendly and planet-friendly, and also helps retain the beautiful scents. Choose from their large or small options and customize them by color or smell to each woman in your bridal party—or let them choose their own! 


Spa Products 

The bride always has a reputation for stressing out the most in advance of the wedding, but her bridal party is technically responsible for keeping her cool—which can be hard work! Why not reward your good friends and/or close family members with some awesome vegan spa products, like Buck Naked Soap Company soaps, bath melts and bombs, salt soaks, sugar scrubs, coconut milk baths, lotions, butters, and more!



Your wedding’s going to be so bright, she’s going to have to wear shades! Fetch Eyewear is an American eyeglass company that donates 100% of its net proceeds to support animal rescue and care. And with over 40 women’s sunglasses styles ranging from $95 to $145 US, you might just be able to score an equally fashionable, functional, and philanthropic gift to the ladies in your bridal party!



Sure, your girlfriends are likely to have their own sparkly and shiny things to wear to your wedding, but are they new—and environmentally-friendly? Ana Luisa jewelry is earth-conscious, and carbon, water, and climate neutral. They also partner with likeminded organizations and support carbon-reducing initiatives. On top of that, there are loads of beautiful pieces to which you can treat your lovely bridal party, from bracelets and ankles to necklaces and earrings! 



Okay, who doesn’t love coffee? Your bridesmaids are probably part of the caffeine-loving pack! Fluffy Cow Coffee partners with farm sanctuaries, donating money from the sale of their coffee, as well as fundraising, to help save farm animals. They also have options for different tastes: light, medium and dark roast, espresso, cold roast and decaf. Your girls might need the boost on your big day—and the day after!








Robyn Karmazyn is a writer, editor, and style lover from Toronto, Canada. She also created and runs the online magazine, In Your Vegan Style. Since planning her own vegan wedding, she continues to stay immersed in the industry by helping others and flipping through tons of inspiration photos. Robyn loves fashion, décor, styling, and weddings *almost* as much as she loves animals. Read Robyn’s articles



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