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When it comes to candies, it can be really tricky to determine whether a product is vegan or not. Some products can be accidentally vegan (think OREO!) but they don’t advertise to be. Many others which you may think are safe, may hide animal sub-products in their coating processing phases that don’t end up being listed in the ingredient list.


At Wishing Treats, a Canadian custom candy company, they get this question a lot.

“Most people don’t know that a lot of elements in the candy world rely on harming creatures… including humanity. For example, instead of sourcing our red dye from crushed bugs, we source our red die from organic beets. Or instead of opting for a cheaper sucrose where we have no way to track the supply chain and treatment of workers, we chose a more expensive product that is vetted and certified fair-trade.”

Wishing Treats Caramel Studio was started by Amir and Saima Hassan after a trip to Europe. There, they happened across some confectionary artists and saw what a joyful impact they had on their audience. These encounters inspired Amir and Saima  to create a responsible luxury indulgence that brought together the old-world technique of caramel art and modern practices that are kinder to creatures and the environment. Artisans at Wishing Treats Caramel Studio have trained for years to master this complicated and intricate craft!

In 2013 Amir and Saima moved their operations to Delta, British Columbia. Their veteran caramel artisans handcraft everything in small batches using only vegan, organic ingredients, and fair-trade sugar. The company sources color and flavor extracts straight from fruits and plants. Even their citric acid (the thing that makes some treats mouth-watering sour) is sourced from citrus fruits themselves. No man-made chemicals or synthetic oils are ever used at Wishing Treats, and all their delightful candies are produced in a allergen-free environment.

But… eat responsibly! Amir and Saima believe that sugar has one place in our diets — as a treat – not in our day-to-day food like pasta sauce, salad dressing, or soup. All their treats are also gluten-free, daily-free, peanut-free, non-GMO, halal, kosher, and kind to critters.

With their eye-catching and mouth watering hard caramel confectionary you can celebrate  anything you wish: weddings, events, parties, baby or bridal showers, and even get a custom made lollipop bouquet!

Most couples reaching out to Wishing Treats like to personalize their wedding treats with their names and wedding colors, and others love to customize their wedding dates, symbols, or short messages inside a gourmet treat.

After all, it’s the little personal touches and moments of “awwww” that make a wedding memorable!

Customizing your candies at Wishing Treats take just a few simple steps.


Borders can be solid, striped, multicolored or blank.

The inner design can be a name, simple logo, a message, a date, a symbol, or more.

White looks best in most backgrounds but they are happy to accomodate a more colorful design.


This is where your personality or branding shines! But please note, these treats are handcrafted with responsible, natural colors, that don’t guarantee an exact color-matching.


Wishing Treats offer a rotating list of popular scrumptious fruit flavors like watermelon, raspberry and apple, and others like gourmet peppermint. But you can tell them what your favorite taste is and they can come up with something just for you!



Each batch of personalized treats gives you a minimum of 100 party favors. Depending on how many guests you’re expecting, they can make a recommendation. Most couples choose 20 gr or 30 gr favor bags, or prefer to provide their own jars to match their decor. Wishing Treats can pack the treats for you or they can send your personalized order to you in bulk to share your way.

Ready to order? Visit their website for more info and follow their fun and colorful Instagram feed.

While Wishing Treats packaging is resealable which cuts down on plastic waste, their goal for 2019 is to finish developing a biodegradable and recycled packaging option that can still lock out moisture, keeping the treats fresh! One more reason to love and support this company!





An incurable enthusiast and independent spirit since she could remember (her childhood heroines were Pippi Longstockings and Katharine Hepburn) Daniela Degrassi found her creative outlet as a lifestyle photographer, working mainly in Northern California. Currently splitting her time between SF Bay Area and her native Italy to continue to be her autistic sister’s primary caregiver. Vegan since 2014, she found a perfect way to carry her message of compassion while celebrating her love for the wedding industry launching The Kind Bride in February 2018.




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