This week, enjoy guest blog by Lisa Flahant sharing her tips on tailoring a vegan wedding ceremony.



If you’re currently planning a wedding, then no doubt you have spent many, many hours finding the perfect venue, the most exquisite dress and some sensational catering. And then there’s the details, such as the flowers, the invitations, the rings and of course the honeymoon! But I wonder how long by comparison you have considered the wedding ceremony and the very words you will say to one another which will bind you together for life?

When it comes to the actual act of getting married here in the UK, we are socially programmed to head to our church or local register office. And while this is still the legal requirement, it’s not the only option. Much in the same way you register a birth or death, you can register a marriage at the register office, and then choose to have your celebration exactly the way you want it. If you’ve ever been to a wedding in France, then you’ll know what I mean. The couple ‘marry’ quietly and quickly at the town hall and then hold their wedding festivities elsewhere. And this is where a celebrant comes into play!

An independent celebrant is someone who designs and delivers ceremonies which can be religious, non-religious or anywhere on the scale between. A celebrant works with you to tailor the ceremony to your exact requirements, resulting in a stunning, unique ceremony, which can be held in any location of your choosing, no license required. It’s all about personalizing your day, telling your unique story and crafting the ceremony around everything you want to include.

If you have a favorite beach or meadow or woodland, or even if you want to host your ceremony in your own garden, you can do exactly that. If you want to include readings, poetry, prayers, singing and dancing, you can. If you are keen to incorporate symbolic rituals, such as hand-fasting, tree planting, lighting candles, then that’s all great! A celebrant will build a relationship with you over many months, so you will have a special connection with them before your ceremony, and you will be far more bonded with them than an official who you have never met before and is only reading from a script.

And as a Kind Bride, I imagine it’s equally important to you that your wedding is vegan. And I urge you to extend this thinking to way beyond the food, but to consider surrounding yourself with folk who share the very same values you do. From photographers to stylists, from jewelers to dress-makers – and of course, the person who is marrying you.

Being a celebrant is challenging when so few people know what we do; perhaps being a vegan celebrant is even more challenging. And as a green, ethical, vegan celebrant, I have come across a few challenges in my time! Venues who insist on decorating rooms and furniture with animal skins; couples who want to release butterflies or birds as a form of symbolism; guests who want to arrive by horseback or in full hunting gear; companies who train birds and animals to deliver the wedding rings; oh and the ubiquitous hog roast…. I no longer attend ceremonies where any of these things take place. And luckily there is a movement of folks who feel the same.

So if you are looking for someone who shares your ethics and compassion, who can create you a perfectly bespoke and original ceremony that reflects the individuality of your partnership and which is meaningful, personal and sincere, then look for a vegan celebrant.

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“With a solid background in marketing and event management, and having officiated at over 100 Registration Service ceremonies in Cornwall as a Deputy Registrar, I have a sixth sense of what makes a wonderful ceremony! Plus I am super organized, have a deeply friendly (vegan) soul, tons of positive energy and am probably one of the smiliest people you will ever meet. My ceremony experience means I have been to some wonderful venues throughout Cornwall and met some incredible people – and has taught me that I genuinely LOVE being part of a couple’s special day. Expertly trained by the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants to write and deliver personalized ceremonies full of meaning and heart, I live very happily in Cornwall with my husband of many years and four rescue kitties. I adore nothing more than a long walk along the one of the glorious beaches on our doorstep, while I’m quietly planning my next ceremony!” – Connect with Lisa on her website



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