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Engagement sessions are a fun, creative way to not only celebrate your engagement but your relationship as a whole. Whether you’re into intimate and romantic vibes or casual and playful ones; these photos should represent your unique connection to one another. Incorporating your unique personalities to the photos also give a sense of sincerity and familiarity making Engagement Announcements and framed pieces a story of their own.

For most of us vegans, we are always trying to find a way to incorporate our passion for animals, the planet, and social justice causes in our everyday lives–why should your engagement sessions be any different? Here are some fun ways to highlight your passion for veganism while staying classy!


The Engagement Shoot Ideas

Date Night

Visit your favorite vegan or vegan-friendly spot for a lunch date with your partner followed by an afternoon stroll around town! You’ll be surprised how much fun this is and how much variety your photos will have. Bonus points for restaurants with selfie-spots like VeganBurg does in SF with built-in photo opportunities!

Make Vegan Food Together

If getting down and dirty at a sanctuary isn’t your speed, try a cooking class with your partner! Learning how to make something together can make for a fun and relaxing afternoon. Can’t find any private vegan cooking classes near you? How about making something at home? — Grab your apron, veggies, and spouse-to-be: let loose and watch the magic unfold. In-home engagement sessions are all the rage right now anyway!


If you’re lucky enough to live in a city that hosts awesome Vegan Festivals or happen to be traveling to one (looking at you LA), you can hire a photographer to document your day. Spend the day sampling food, listening to music, and celebrate being one step closer to I do!


Spending the day with cows, chickens, pigs, and goats? Yes, please! A day at a sanctuary is automatically a fun, productive day; can you envision all of the amazing photos your photographer can capture? I can! This is an amazing way to support non-profit organizations who rescue animals in need while also showcasing the plight and cuteness of farmed animals.

*While some sanctuaries allow private tours, others require that visitors volunteer. Make sure to speak to the sanctuary director before showing up with a photographer in tow as they may have rules and fees that apply in these situations.

Photo Credit: John Barlett Line in partnership with Farm Sanctuary back in 2012

Cause T-shirts

If you’d rather keep it simple, you can let your wardrobe speak for you. Whether your chosen location is a boardwalk, a beach, a mountain view, or a city-scape, you can incorporate a casual feel by wearing t-shirts for a cause. I’m a fan of BeetxBeet for contemporary apparel that can easily be dressed up or down. They also carry a lot of unisex items, for couples that aren’t afraid to match!

Photos by Helen Feliciano Bailey







Helen Feliciano-Bailey is a wedding & portrait photographer based out of Maryland State and a self-proclaimed coffee-obsessed, vegan-travel-blog enthusiast and wanderer. She is a believer in veganism as a moral compass to inclusivity, compassion, and justice for all sentient beings. Her passions for human connection, storytelling, and artistry can be seen in her professional and personal projects.





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