By Simon Daukes



Everyone is suffering from the impact of COVD-19 at the moment, so to have your wedding ripped up in the middle of that is even more upsetting. However, just because your wedding has been postponed does not mean you cannot continue the wedding planning and celebrations. Often in distressing times, we have to find happiness and a way to still connect with our loved ones, which is why I have put together a guide on how to plan a virtual hen do that all brides-to-be will love. From hen games to the perfect playlist, grab your laptop and your girls, and get ready to begin celebrating.

Inviting guests to your virtual hen-do

When considering the logistics of a virtual hen-do, you will need to choose the best video-chatting platform and invite your guests to it. Due to quarantine, it is likely that most of the bride’s friends will be able to attend without balancing other commitments in their lives. There are plenty of platforms to decide from, but we recommend Zoom, Skype, Facetime or even Facebook Messenger for the easiest and most convenient way to video chat. You could even use this time to design and send out virtual invites for the guests, stating the log on details for the hen party. From then on, you can begin planning what you are actually going to do.

Decide on a dress code

To separate the virtual hen-do from any other video chat, decide on a fun dress code. This way, it gives guests a chance to get out of their quarantine clothes and get glammed up for an event. As many department stores are closed, pick a theme where everyone will already have items they can work with in their wardrobe. This could be matching colors, a makeup theme such as bold red lips or something sparkly.

Grab a bite to eat together

Whilst you won’t be able to go out and eat at the bride’s favorite restaurant anymore, food is still a great way to bond people together. Consider sending all the guests your favorite vegan recipe to cook using the same, simple ingredients or ordering the same takeout together, this is a great time to support local vegan restaurants that are still open for business and are offering contact free delivery, meaning you can still get delicious food without the risk.

Create the perfect playlist

Whilst you can’t all hit the dance floor together, you can certainly sing and dance alone together at home with a glass of wine in hand. Creating the perfect playlist will allow you to host the most fun and memorable dance party. Whether this be a dance off, silent disco or simply reminiscing over old classics, it is bound to have the bridal party in tears of laughter.

Virtual hen games

If dancing is a step too far, there are plenty of other activities you can still do virtually as a group. During this difficult time, more companies are adapting to fit their business online, so there is an abundance of options! From virtual wine tasting, pub quizzes, Cards Against Humanity, cocktail making classes and boozy bingo, there are still plenty of happenings to choose from. As all the usual hen party rules are out the window, you could even rope in your bride’s fiancé to be the butler in the buff or alternatively, help organize a scavenger hunt for your bride around the house.

Watch a movie online together

 If you were planning a more low-key affair with the bride’s elder relatives involved, why not organize a DIY-pamper session followed by watching a movie online together? Netflix Party is a new way to watch Netflix with your friends online, synchronizing video playback as well as adding a group chat feature to your favorite shows. This way you can all make the brides favorite beverage, grab a face mask and sit down to relax over a rom com together.






Simon Daukes is the loving owner and manager of Ash Barton Estate. Originally, he bought the house in 2009 after spending months searching for a holiday ‘cottage’ in the North Devon area. He  has had a hugely successful career as board director of a number of large businesses including the Haymarket Media Group and the Slow Food movement. Now, his key focus is to keep The Ash Barton Estate running like clockwork for happy brides to have their perfect ‘DIY: decide it yourself’ wedding.





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