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My first two questions to fellow Torontonian, Ricardo Teixeira, were pretty straightforward. The answers: he’s been a photographer for 18 years and a vegan for four. And although he hasn’t had many opportunities to merge these aspects yet, he says he certainly sees the vegan wedding trend growing bigger and bigger—not to mention all the vegan alternatives becoming available at wedding venues (and he should know!).

While planning my own wedding, I would have loved to find vendors who shared my strong animal rights beliefs. So for any Canadians in or around Toronto who didn’t already know this was a possibility, let me get straight to my interview with Ricardo… 


What are your favorite wedding details to capture?

I love capturing the morning prep of the bride and groom, the dress and suit, the rings, jewelry, any meaningful or custom made item they might be wearing. I also love capturing all the décor, especially if it has a special meaning for the couple.

Who are your favorite types of couples to work with?

I like couples that put their heart and soul into the wedding and every detail was thought of and is special to them and [their] families and friends.

Do you do any special lighting, tone, or photo edits?

My style is very natural and bright. Normally, I don’t use special light. I prefer using natural light. My editing is also very natural.

How quickly does your schedule fill up?

About a year before, my schedule is pretty much full.

How far in advance should couples book their photographers?

I would say at least one year.

Do you also do engagement photoshoots? 

I do engagement shoots and I love it! It allows me to get to know the couple, [which] makes it easier on the day of the wedding to get the best photos.

Do you ever do destination weddings?

I do about four destination weddings per year.

Do you ever get requests for honeymoon photoshoots?

I was never asked to shoot a honeymoon unless it’s a part of a destination wedding.

Is it more challenging to shoot kids, large families, companion animals, or unruly bridal parties?

 It can be challenging to photograph kids. It’s important to talk to the parents [about] their kids’ personality and the best time of day to shoot. Bridal parties can also be challenging, especially if it’s a big one (over 10 people per side).

What do you like to tell couples before their wedding or on the day of?

I tell them to schedule time for themselves to relax during the wedding day and to really take in every moment because the day goes by fast.

Since prints are not vegan, how do you handle that aspect of your profession?
As for the prints, I don’t do a lot of them and, when I do, I try to use the best ones (animal and environment friendly). Also, some couples want leather albums, but I don’t provide those.
How do you handle the meal during the long working day? Do you request vegan and are non-vegan couples accommodating or do you have to bring your own food?
For the meals during the wedding day, I usually have snacks with me for the beginning of the day and then I always make sure to ask for the vegan meal. Most couples are super accommodating and it’s becoming very normal to have several vegan option at a wedding, so it’s becoming easier and easier to eat at the venues. Some vendors I know actually ask for the vegan meal even, not being vegan themselves, but because it’s usually a very good meal.

To see his portfolio on Instagram, check out @redwoodphotographyto.






Robyn Karmazyn is a writer, editor, and style lover from Toronto, Canada. She also created and runs the online magazine, In Your Vegan Style. Since planning her own vegan wedding, she continues to stay immersed in the industry by helping others and flipping through tons of inspiration photos. Robyn loves fashion, décor, styling, and weddings *almost* as much as she loves animals. Read Robyn’s articles

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