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Melissa Guerrero is a makeup artist located in Dublin, California with service within the Bay Area. She has experience working with a wide array of bridal looks and multi-ethnic clientele. Her passion for makeup artistry transcends the beauty industry standard by using her platform to advocate for animals used in the testing and formulating of many makeup products on the market today. Her hard work and dedication is unmatched; let’s learn a little bit more about her:

How was your business born? Was becoming a freelance MUA always a goal for you?
Originally, I started to learn how to do my own makeup because I wanted to have nice glam looks when going to to events. Eventually people started asking me how much I would charge them to apply their makeup. At the time, I didn’t have a makeup kit with different foundation shades so I had my first client bring her own face products. I greatly appreciate her; she is still a faithful and loyal client to this day!

Eventually, more people continued to request that I do their makeup and that is when I decided to invest in my own kit and business.

Your Instagram profile shows a variety of makeup styles ranging from traditional to FX (special effects and prosthetics). Why is versatility important to you and your brand?
I feel this is important for me because it challenges me and allows me to truly express myself as an artist. I like being able to make someone feel beautiful while enhancing their natural features with makeup just as much as I love making someone look super spooky with some crazy special FX Makeup. This versatility led to my most memorable experience to date: working as the makeup artist for a short film! This was a very exciting experience for me.

How did veganism influence your business?
I have been vegan for 3 years now, and I feel that going vegan has opened a lot of great opportunities for me as an artist. Marketing my business as vegan and cruelty free allows me to help a larger clientele all while showing everyone that the same amazing glam looks other artists create can be achieved using products that do not harm animals. By using social media to share products that I use on my clients and myself, I give people an idea of products they can choose to transition to cruelty-free beauty brands.

What is the booking process with you like?
I start off by booking the bridal trial. This is important to book because this is when the bride and I get to know each other. During the trail we talk about the client’s day-to-day makeup routine and which direction she’d like to go on her special day. Before the trial, I suggest that my clients bring me photo references on looks she’d like for her wedding day along with some photos of herself with day-to-day makeup. The photo references help me get an idea of how much makeup she’s comfortable wearing and what her vision is for her bridal look.

Next, I demonstrate a simple bridal look and transition that same look into something more dramatic  to allow the bride to see the difference between the two looks. This is where she can decide what level of glam she prefers on her wedding day.

If the bride is happy with the process, we then move on to finalizing her booking by signing a contract and gathering information on time, location, and number of people to have their makeup applied on the day of the wedding.


What are some of your favorite products for Bridal Looks? What tips can you give our brides?

Some of my favorite products are Tarte tape shape concealer to brighten up the under eye, Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, and a nice gloss for the lips.

I suggest brides find an artist who they are comfortable with and who they are able to communicate with. Communication is key when it comes to making sure that the trial and wedding day are a success. I also think it is important to have an on-location makeup artist on the wedding day–the last thing a bride needs is to be rushing through traffic when she should be relaxing while getting glammed!


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Helen Feliciano-Bailey is a wedding & portrait photographer based out of Maryland State and a self-proclaimed coffee-obsessed, vegan-travel-blog enthusiast and wanderer. She is a believer in veganism as a moral compass to inclusivity, compassion, and justice for all sentient beings. Her passions for human connection, storytelling, and artistry can be seen in her professional and personal projects.




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